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Samsung Galaxy S20+ And S20 Ultra Set To Come With Free Galaxy Buds+

As the date for the Unpacked event draws closer than ever, more details surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S20 series continue to leak on the internet. A number of weeks ago, leaked images of the S20+ surfaced on the internet, and now, certain rumors say that early buyers of the Samsung S20 series could get a pair of Galaxy Buds+ for free when placing pre-orders on the phone.


This news received confirmation of some sort from American blogger Evan Blass, who released images of this pair of Galaxy Buds on his Twitter page earlier in the day. His tweet appears to show a promotional explaining that buyers who made pre-orders would receive a free pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds+.

Samsung Buds+

Leaked Photos Of The Samsung Buds+

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However, the promo image indicates that only the S20+ and S20 Ultra models will have this freebie attached to it, as the regular S20 does not seem to come with this pair of free Buds.

Samsung have been known to make such offers at past launch events and this should not come as a huge surprise to lovers of the well-known phone brand. Reports though unconfirmed say that the S20 may receive a different complimentary offer, which we will get to find out in a couple of weeks’ time.

With the Unpacked event getting closer and closer, it will be interesting to see what other pleasant surprises Samsung have up their sleeves for their phone users.



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