There is an increasing number of free WiFi hotspots in Lagos available to members of the public. Have you used any of them and what have

Where to find free WiFi hotspots in Lagos

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There is an increasing number of free WiFi hotspots in Lagos available to members of the public. Have you used any of them and what have your experiences with them been like? This article was originally written in 2012 and has been updated with the most recent information available.

Back in 2012, I had to meet a contact at a fast food outlet at Surulere, Lagos. I arrived there after this gentleman and met him there with another acquaintance. After brief introductions, my contact told me how he was not allowed to so much as power on his laptop in there. Of course, that naturally led to the subject of public WiFi hotspots.

A hotspot is a setup that offers internet access over a wireless local area network through the use of a router connected to a link to an internet service provider (ISP).

I asked my contact if he had ever run into any free WiFi hotspots in Lagos. His answer was a negative. At the time, I had not either. Even the available commercial hotspots were often frustrating to use, especially in terms of stability and speed.

Free WiFi zone

We had all those WiFi-enabled smartphones and tablets all over the place, but no public hotspots (free or paid) to make the best use of them. We often had to run our own private hotspots, even when we are out and about.

Not that it felt strange anyway. You see, we were used to generating our own electricity, providing our own security, drilling for our own water, and even paving our own streets. What evil could come out of providing our own personal hotspots?

But the picture has since changed. Today, there is a growing number of public hotspots available across the Lagos metropolis. They can be found in malls, fast-food outlets, airports, and other public establishments.

City Connect is one of the free WiFi hotspots in Lagos
City Connect is one of the free WiFi hotspots in Lagos

List of free WiFi hotspots in Lagos

  1. JJT Park, Alausa.
  2. City Connect hotspots along along the Fadeyi to Mile 12 BRT route.
  3. Google Station hotspots at Ikeja City Mall; University of Lagos, Akoka; Murtala Muhammed International Airport; Landmark Centre, Victoria Island; The Palms Mall, Victoria Island.
  4. Red Cheetah hotspot.
  5. GTBank hotspots at various branches around the state.
  6. Chicken Republic outlets.
  7. Spur Golden Eagle outlets.

Do you know of any other public places with free WiFi hotspots in Lagos? Have you used a public hotspot in any other city or town around the country? Have you used any free public hotspot? What has been your experience with them? Do share.

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  1. I used one last year at the Resident Doctors’ lounge, University College Hospital, Ibadan. It was restricted to the doctors who login with a password. Speed was poor (more like 7-11kbps) on that particular night.

  2. am a nigerian studying in ukraine,,though ukraine is still developing as far as europe is concerned,,it is light years ahead of nigeria,,in a few words, i would just say SYSTEM WORKS,,atleast for the common man too,,been here for a while and as far as am concerned, internet is the cheapest commodity in this land,,like u said there are free hotpots every where ,from eateries,,to city centers,,school n coffee shop, i own a smartphone and an ipad(wifi only) and i have no problems hoooking up on the go. i remember when i first got here, i couldn’t just believe that internet could be so abundant anywhere in the world,,coming from a glo 1000naira for 100MB background. i was delighted to say the least, i just hope naija improves so people back at home who knw what to do with the internet can become more productive,,cheers!

  3. I was at the Ikeja local airport unit sometime in April last year and it happened that I will be doing some real waiting, so I decided to check if there is free WiFi available. To my pleasant surprise, I found an open WiFi and proceeded to connect to the network, but the discovery and smooth connection was the end of the good news as I was unable to open a single webpage.

    I was connected to the open network alright but for some reasons.

  4. Got to school last week and learnt that the ICT unit is test running its new wireless broadband connection. it requires a valid student mail address though, but its open 24/7. I’ve been able to attain download speeds of 600+ kbps, its pretty fast.

  5. WIFI is still a luxury in Nigeria. To update my BlackBerry PlayBook I spent money in acquiring a Wireless router and modem to have a WIFI at home. I learnt there is free WIFI at Oyo State secretariat but I was able to connect to the WIFI but I could not access a single page

  6. have once used free wifi in my school. Th school was on break for hols so the login page was removed and i surfed at very fast speeds for hours..

  7. The Nigerian environment for now doesn’t allow free wifi hotspot. The average Nigerian has been starved of internet, and so the first opportunity that is available to access the Internet for free, they want to download heaven and earth so for this reason, some organisations don’t bother setting up free wifi hot spots. I tried an experiment once.

    I changed the name of my hot spot to free wifi and left it open. In less than 30 minutes, 5GB of data had been exhausted. I looking through the server logs, and I found out most of the people that connected were downloading lots of rubbish because they had access to free Internet.

  8. @Keweno, that is an interesting experiment !

    there is this joke…

    a good neighbor is one who leaves his WiFi open..

  9. I have found a few free wifi connection at the local airport and I think once at the palms but couldn’t browse with the connection. I once searched on Google+ and learned you can connect to a very fast wifi connection at chams on Isaac john in ikeja at a fee. wouldn’t mind going there for those gigabytes of downloads sometimes.

    @biola and @olushina, which schools if you don’t mind?

  10. Nice idea but I may be a bit paranoid about those responsible for running the “free wifi” hotspot getting hold of my details. The few I have tried to connect to, all that happened is that I connected. Couldn’t browse anything.

    If I want to connect to “free” wifi, I do so in the home of friends 🙂

  11. i have connect to many wifi hotspot but can’t open a page,;
    i use a mifi router but battery not lasting longer and it condern sims.
    now i use my samsung galaxy Y pro dious{dual sim}. as hotspot the battery is good it connect my laptop and E6.

  12. My school has 2 wifi networks. A WPA-PSK passworded staff only network and an unsecured network that is accessible to all students, login with school credentials but as you can guess, it is excruciatingly s……l…..o….w. So I did what any reasonable person would do, I hacked into the staff access point and blaze with speeds over 1MB/s (yes B not b).

    I love myself.

  13. I have used quite a number of Hotspots in Lagos, I am a blogger and I depend mostly on the hotspots as I use heavy data for videos, the hotspots I use are provided by Oxygen Broadband Networks … Cool stuff

  14. I use WiFi in sch only
    It is free during holidays
    It is paid for during school time but the sch website can be accessed for free

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