From Maemo to MeeGo to Tizen

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Okay, let’s do this the easy way. Repeat after me:

  1. In the beginning, there was Maemo from Nokia
  2. Maemo merged with Mobline from Intel and became MeeGo
  3. Then MeeGo got married to Tizen
  4. Tizen. Tizen. Tizen. That’s the new name.

So, what is Tizen? Good question!
Tizen is a new open source project that is the home of the Tizen software platform, a mobile and device operating system based on Linux and other popular upstream projects.

Like MeeGo, the Tizen project will support multiple device categories, including Tablets, Netbooks, Handsets, Smart TV, and In-Vehicle Infotainment systems.

The Linux Foundation will host the project, where Tizen development will be completely open and led by a technical steering team composed of Intel and Samsung. The Limo Foundation is also involved here.

Meanwhile, what happens to Nokia and MeeGo, especially with the launch of the N9? Well, the N9 is not really MeeGo. It is Maemo 6 Harmattan branded as MeeGo (which sort of suggests that MeeGo wasn’t quite ready, just as Nokia had claimed).

Will Nokia hold on to the Maemo part of MeeGo for their disruptive activities? Seeing that they are in bed with WindowsPhone already, it does not seem plausible that they will jump in with Tizen. But what do we know?

Anyway, that’s the low-down. Say bye-bye to MeeGo, and hello to Tizen.

Source. Also, you can visit the Tizen homepage for more details.


  1. ‘Will Nokia hold on to the Maemo part of MeeGo for their disruptive activities? Seeing that they are in bed with WindowsPhone already, it does not seem plausible that they will jump in with Tizen’

    Nokia is turning out to be the greatest unfaithful adulterer of the tech world.

    Now, my confusion is COMPLETE!

  2. Yes, Eye.Bee.Kay, comparing Nokia with an Adulteress seems just okay. Touché. we can only watch as the Mobile Tedh future unfolds. It’s difficult at this stage to make any analysis about how all this will pla out! Some Tech Pundits may claim they know, but methinks that they don’t. The futures is guarded at Best!

  3. Naturally, i like everything Opensource and Linux based but i have to admit that I am a bit sceptical. History has not been kind to the Linux based mobile Oses before, and after Android (which some would argue is not really linux anymore). I wish Tizen all the best though and if more hardware vendors come on board, it just might be the one exception to the “excellent Linux based mobile Oses that nobody wants to put on their devices” rule.

    @yomi “Moblin” does not have an “e” in the spelling

  4. I think this post missed one essential component of the New Tizen OS announced by Linux Foundation (who just like MeeGo would also be the Shepard of the OS) The key component is HTML5, Tizen is essentially MeeGO with Qt UI elements replaced with HTML5.

    Tizen’s AIM is to provide (Yet another) platform that would allow developers to deploy HTML5 applications. This is yet another move towards a web based computing which we have seen in chrome OS, Mozilla Boot to Gecko project (which is suppose to be an android base with the Java part replaced by HTML5 UI) and Windows 8.

    It would seem to me that HTML5 is turning out to be the One framework that rules them all – Although Having Samsung in the partnership brings some level of confidence in the project.

    Still if the failure of Meego and Moblin before it is anything to go by, it shows that Intel lacks the Discipline and Patience (and maybe expertise) required to see a Mobile OS through from start to finish. They seem to lose focus at the slight stumbling block. I would imagine they would be better served if they joined forces with the Mozilla foundation in their Boot to Gecko Project which to me sound more promising That anything from Intel or even the Linux Foundation.

    Right now I doubt any developer would take Intel seriously has they seem not to have a clue what they really want. First it was Moblin, meant to be a netbook project that runs on Atom and which is based on the Free and Open source Desktop Environment called Gnome, Later Moblin because Meego and the shift also involved a shift from GTK gnome to Qt and KDE.

    Now they are scrapping all that and moving to HTML5. All this while Google and Apple are consolidating their hold on the consumption device space and MS is starting to come strong with exciting innovation. Intel better do a rethink and see how there can collaborate with Mozilla, Other wise Tizen would end up as another No Go OS

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