Get Facebook notifications without installing the app

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The Facebook app is one of the most downloaded apps on all platforms. However, it consumes a lot of data and battery, not to mention the huge amount of storage space. One thing you will not get if you uninstall the app is notifications. If you want to get Facebook notifications without using the Facebook app, here’s how to do it:

Facebook notifications

  1. Chrome Notifications: Chrome now allows you to use the web version of Facebook and still get push notifications. Just log in to your Facebook account with Chrome, and when the pop-up request to send Facebook notifications comes up, click Allow.
  2. Use Tinfoil for Facebook: This is a web-viewing app. it just launches a web version of Facebook, and it doesn’t cache data or use up system resources in the background. If you want to get notifications, install IFTTT and add the Facebook Push Notifications recipe. Visit your Facebook notifications settings page and add your RSS feed URL into the IFFT recipe.
  3. Get notifications via email: In your notification settings on Facebook you get the option to receive notifications through email and text messages. You can modify the settings for each option to suit your preferences.

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