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E-Alert is a mobile app made specifically for people in emerging countries – Nigeria a good example. It features an early warning system, a panic button for your smartphone, which let’s you send a pre-defined alert message with your GPS location via SMS to a specific contact(s). Thus E-Alert quickly notifies your saved emergency contacts whenever you are in a vulnerable and/or emergency situation.

E-Alert is a means to tackling increasing security problems citizens face in developing countries, with goal of making every citizen feel safe in their own country.

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Below are the current features of the app:

  • Emergency Panic Button: Notify family and friends with one click of a panic button when in an emergency situation at no cost.
  • Automatic Timer Functionality: User can predefine a time limit after which messages should be sent if inactive.
  • GPS Tracking of location every 45 seconds after an alert is sent to emergency contact(s).

E-Alert app is a product of PISI Ltd (Personal Internet Security Interface), a 1-year old start-up. For more info, check out their Kick Starter page.


  1. Righ. Another KickStarter project. Let’s see how many Nigerians use this eventually.

  2. I bet this is a future application for Nigerians. Very few people will embrace this.

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