Gionee M5 mini hands-on and photos

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There is no way to give a detailed review of any phone from just an hour of using it, but I got my hands on the M5 Mini and and feel that it is good value for money. So, I took some photographs just for you. Hopefully, you will enjoy my Gionee M5 Mini hands-on and photos.

The Gionee M5 Mini is a nice, compact smartphone with a solid battery. The 4,000 mAh battery tells me immediately that the target market are those who don’t want to worry about running out of battery power during the course of the day. One of the turn-offs of many such phones is the bulk. At 9.6mm thickness, the M5 doesn’t feel that bulky. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed holding it in my hand.

The display is smooth to use and the user interface feels light and breezy too. I wish I had more time with it, but life goes on. Have a look at my photos of the M5 Mini below.

Gionee M5 Mini hands-on Gallery

Gionee M5 mini hands-on

Gionee M5 mini hands-on angle window

Gionee M5 mini hands-on camera

Gionee M5 mini hands-on front

Gionee M5 mini hands-on home window

You can have a look at the full Gionee M5 Mini specifications too.

Do you own a Gionee M5 Mini? What has your experience with it been like? Share with us!

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