Glo bumps up Always Micro mobile internet plan

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Glo Always Micro 350MB

Glo’s Always Micro is a basic smartphone data plan that costs N1,000 monthly. The data allocation used to be 100MB at inception, was bumped up to 200MB and then 260MB till recently, but now reflects 350MB. This is a significant bonus.

There is no statement saying that this is a time-limited promo, so it is safe to assume that the 350MB is for good.


  1. I understand Etisalat has also heated things up by doubling all data from the 200MB plan upwards

  2. Sojitweets, any link to that info? Etisalat web pages are still showing old data plans.

  3. Glo? Hell-to-the-no.
    I wish they didn’t suck so bad in my area.

    PS: Mtn night plan is 3gb (at night) and 1.5gb bonus at N2,500. That murders Glo’s offering

  4. @sojitweets
    That is not entirely correct (though I wish it was).
    As far as I know, for N1000 on etisalat, you’re entitled to 200MB which gets bumped to 260MB (a bonus). The data doubling you refer to only applies if you specifically subscribe for it and can only be used at night.

  5. I got 360mb when i subscribe to mtn 1k last week. But they took extra 200…
    160mb additional data
    100mb happy hour data 12pm-4am

  6. Wow,,, that oops is for Andriod users, for bb10 users Pls enjoy glo normal BBM complete plan i.e 1000k for 3gb in ur BB10 devices….

  7. @brym, @deen
    It appears @deen was kinda right. I checked with Etisalat customer care and they stated the data doubling is time limited (for 3 months) and only applies to new subscribers. So if you wanna get it, get a new etisalat SIM every 3 months (….or not!)

    Big bummer 🙁

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