Glo increases allocation on Always Micro data plan

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Users of Glo mobile internet services will be familiar with Always Micro, the most affordable monthly data plan from the operator. Last year, the data allocation on the plan was bumped up to 350 MB.

This year, Glo has bumped it up again – this time to a whopping 1GB.


That means for just N1,000, you get 1GB for 30 days. We are gradually moving towards Eldorado. Remember that dream about 3GB for N1,000? It is still very alive. No; not on a BIS plan, but on a regular data plan. When we get there, we will throw a party – and then cook up a new dream.


  1. I’ve noticed a lot of improvements on glo data network recently,have been using it in many places across different states and compared to earlier on I must say am impressed with their current efforts at ensuring customer satisfaction..

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