Cheaper data plans: Glo Nigeria responds with theirs

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It’s getting crazy really. GLO started this trend, and after MTN’s crazy response, they have fired back with cheaper data plans. GLO now offers users 5GB of data for N2,500, and 12 GB for a whooping N5000. Subscribing is easy. Simply dial *777# and the list of plans will appear. Enter the respective number and subscribe to the plan of your choice.


If GLO is speedy in your location, you shouldn’t ignore this.

Glo’s cheaper data plans explained

Update: 18/05/2016

A Mobilista complained that GLO didn’t actually make any changes, insisting that these plans existed before the MTN reprisal. Below is a table showing GLO’s older data charges against the new rates. Look Carefully.

Older rates of GLO
Older rates of GLO , note the shaded portion
New rates for GLO

From the tables above, you would notice that the 2.5 GB plan was increased from 4.5 GB to 5 GB. Also note that the N4000 for 9 GB plan didn’t exist before now. I hope I have cleared all your doubts 🙂


  1. I have been a Glo subcriber since 2005. Glo has always been generous with their tariff plans and data subscription caps. The only issue I have with Glo is unreliable network. I data plan is the Always Max N8,000 for 24 GB.

    On paper this is very generous, am able to share it with 5 other subscribers and the unused data gets rolled over month to month.

    Yours truly currently has over 118Gb of data accumulated but before you say ‘hurray’ am unable to use more than 4GB monthly because of their poor service in Owerri and its environs.

    I have a second subscription on MTN which I use to send my work related emails while the Glo is used for ‘normal’ use on my phone or game downloads.

    Using Glo can be frustrating at times.

  2. GLO used to be my favourite, cheap plans and fair billing but their service is too unreliable and slow in Awka, no point in subscribing for 5gb if you can’t used up to half before the validity period is over.

  3. Mr Mo

    Please I think there’s something you guys should talk about. In all these, no one is talking about the ‘burn rate ” of the data . I suspect that these telcos will change their algorithm to make data deplete faster . I used 3gb glo in just under 3 days and that’s unusual.

    There’s no free lunch in the world.

  4. Hello Elroy, thanks for the update. I do agree that the N2,500 plan was increased by 500MB but I disagree that there was no N4000 for 9 GB plan pre MTN data price crash. I mostly activate my data renewal via the GLO hsi web page and the 4,000 for 9GB has been there since at least February. You could confirm this from your contacts in the Telco. You also wrote that, “GLO now offers users 5GB of data for N2,500, and 12 GB for a whooping N5000”. Including the latter part of that statement in the article presupposes that it was newly introduced and this isn’t so.

  5. I think I’m about to stop subscribing to glo’s comonth I have been using on my android device. I strongly believe they have changed their algorithm to increase data burn rate. In less than two weeks, I have subscribed for 6gb without any changes in my usage pattern.

    I saw similar complaints on nairaland.
    Time to try out airtel.

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