Google adds HDR support for the YouTube Android app

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Google has rolled out a new update for YouTube. Now, YouTube has support for HDR on its mobile app. According to reports, this update is live, and it offers support for HDR layback at up to 1080p resolution and 60 fps when manually changing video quality. This software update was rolled out just last week, and certain Android smartphone owners noticed it and talked about it on Reddit. This YouTube HDR support takes advantage of HDR-capable mobile displays.

Apparently, YouTube has not made a formal announcement about this feature yet. This has caused a lot of speculation about its availability. However, YouTube HDR support has been confirmed to be available on videos starting at 144p resolution. It has been confirmed that the feature can be found on a Samsung Galaxy S8+. However, this depends on the video itself, as most videos are not in HDR.YouTube HDR support

It is important to note that YouTube HDR is not exactly a new development. Google first added support for HDR in November 2016. However, the company did not roll it out on any of its various smartphones that offer HDR screens. Thus, HDR support is new to mobile devices using the Android mobile app. Now, though, HDR support is available on the Galaxy S8, Note 8, Pixel, LG V30 and the Xperia XZ Premium. One can assume that Google will continue to build out support for HDR on other devices in the future. However, the rollout of this feature is quite slow.

Now, if you own any of the above listed phones, you can watch YouTube videos in HDR. All you need to do is fire up the YouTube app, assuming that it is the latest version. You can choose to watch a video in HDR by tapping the triple-dot menu button, then going to the resolution setting.



  1. Nice one, but Google should make it available to other devices soon, so that some of us with low range smartphone can also feel the development

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