Wanted: Fix for Google Contacts Sync error

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In the wee hours of yesterday, I had just added a new contact to my phone when an alert box popped up on the screen. The message in the box read: “Unfortunately Google Contacts Sync Has Stopped”. I tapped the “OK” button to close the box and it went away. However, some minutes later, the Google Contacts Sync error message popped up again. It kept popping up at intervals.

The error message didn’t appear to have messed up any functionality with the phone’s Contacts and Phone apps. But it was an annoyance having it pop up like that and me having to dismiss it each time.

Unfortunately Google Contacts Sync has stopped

Numerous Fixes for Google Contacts Sync Error

A quick web search unveiled how common this error and a similar one that says “Unfortunately Google Contacts has stopped” are across a wide range of Android device manufacturers.

Even worse is the fact that while I came across several possible solutions, none of them has worked for me.

I have cleared the caches for Google app, Google Contacts and others in app settings on the phone. No deal.

I have disabled related apps – other apps that sync contacts on the phone. No deal.

I have disabled the built-in calendar app and installed the Google calendar app in its place. No deal.

The error message has kept popping up till now. If you have any other tips to help resolve this situation, please chip in. Thanks in advance.

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