Google Duo: Who needs another video calling app?

Why exactly do we need another video calling app? We already have Skype, WhatsApp, BBM and other video calling apps that are in widespread use. Google has released another video calling app, named Google Duo.

Google Duo Mister Mo

Video Calls Simplified

The adventurer in me set ut to find out what using Google Duo is like. I downloaded and installed the app, then launched it. The app requires the user’s phone number, so I had to enter mine. Then, it presented me with the Video Call page – the top part of the display showing me my face and a Call button underneath it. At the top right corner is a menu button that gives you access to Settings and Help menus. That is it.

Google Duo is simple. It is spartan. It reminds one of the Google Search homepage.

Invitations required

To call someone on Google Duo, that person needs to be using the app too, so the option to invite friends is there. So, we have another app that requires invitation and registration all over again. A standalone app.

Why Should I Use Google Duo?

The real question is, Why should I use Google Duo? I already spend a lot of time messaging friends, acquantances and other contacts in WhatsApp, BBM and Skype. All those contacts are one button away from a video call when I am in those apps. Why would I want to exit those apps to make a video call via Google Duo?

I am not sure yet. For the moment, I cannot see why I should. But you know life: maybe some circusmtance will come up to show me a use case scenario that I cannot picture now. But for now, I find no use for it. Gogle Duo is another app that I will forget about. Perhaps I shall even uninstal the app.

Have you tried out Google Duo? Do you find a use for it? Share your experiences and your thoughts.

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