Google Maps adds new “favorite places list” feature

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Guys, a new feature is available on Google Maps. Remember that restaurant you always wanted to try out? You can add it to a list of places you want to go to on Google Maps. When you check out this list later, it will tell you which of these places are nearby. Isn’t that a cool thing, guys?

This brand new feature was announced on Monday. Basically, it helps you remember the places you hope to visit one day. Everyone can tell a story of that day they wanted a drink real quick, but couldn’t get to that new bar because they simply couldn’t remember the name of the place. Well, say goodbye to that awkward moment; Google Maps enables you to add that place to a list of your favorite places around town. Therefore, you don’t have to miss out on those cool spots in town; add them to the list!

To add a place to the list, simply open the Google Maps app, click on the side menu button, find the “your places” option, open “saved”, and click on the plus sign in the blue circle t the bottom right corner of the screen. You can also add a place to a new list by clicking “save”, then selecting “create a new list” in Maps after locating the place. Easy.

Oh, one more thing; you can share these lists with people. Yay! This makes it easier for you to organize your sight-seeing trip; everything would be in one place. Also, you can easily find these places, since the app will notify you when any place on your list is nearby. This is going to be real fun, guys; you get to be the local guide to your folks from out of town. Also, you can follow other people’s lists to see more interesting places. Google Maps, therefore, just got way more social, guys.

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