Google Play gains ground on iOS App Store as App Revenue Doubles just within a Year

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Google Play has steadily grown over the past years in its apps and revenues and are narrowing the revenue gap on app leaders iOS.

A report by App Annie, the firm that conducted the report shows a major growth Google play experienced in the past year. Apps downloads also grew from 100 million to 150 million in the first quarter of last year.

The steady increase in revenue is a welcome development for the app developers. The 90% of the app revenue can be attributed to games which grew from 80% last year. The so called “Freemium” apps now account for about 98% of Google Play revenue World Wide.

This is just a glimpse of what’s on the report. More information should be revealed at Google’s I/O event which holds tomorrow.


Source: appannie



  1. This report is somewhat surprising.

    With so many apps being free, and going free on the Google Play (SwiftKey is the latest major example ), how come revenue keeps growing?

    Is it not a fact that ratio of paid/free apps is higher on iOS than you have on Google Play?

  2. They make money from the freemium games which are usually free to play but can be enhanced through in-app purchases

  3. It’s all of those former iOS users now using Android. They’re the ones not afraid to pay for apps…

  4. I have never used iPhone but I have purchased tones of apps on Googleplay store. In fact if any app has both free and paid version, i always go for the paid one.

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