Last month, the news of Google’s acquisition of Motorola sent shockwaves through the mobile industry. Of course, very quickly a few apologists got up to

Google purchased Motorola for more than patents

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Last month, the news of Google’s acquisition of Motorola sent shockwaves through the mobile industry. Of course, very quickly a few apologists got up to say that the purchase was about the patents in Motorola’s kitty. I didn’t think so.


Well, its official now. Here are the words of Google Chairman, Eric Schmidt:

“We did it for more than just patents. We actually believe that the Motorola team has some amazing products coming,” and went on to add that, “We’re excited to have the product line, to use the Motorola brand, the product architecture, the engineers. These guys invented the RAZR. We know them well because they’re Google Apps users.”



Come on guys, all that money just for the patents? It wasn’t going to happen. Google always had their eyes on the hardware, and now they’ve got their hands on it.


While Android partners have publicly said that they are happy about the acquisition, in my opinion that’s just PR. In reality, things have changed significantly.


For one, the Korean government has recently mentioned it plans to develop a mobile OS to rival Android with the support of both Samsung and LG.

Secondly, Chinese search engine Baidu (which dominates China’s search market) has launched its own mobile OS, called Yi. Baidu Yi is a modification of Android OS and provides alternatives to many of Android’s in-built Google services.


Acer has also now publicly stated that the Motorola acquisition is a blessing to Microsoft. As I suspected, OEMs would now have to seriously consider investing in the direction of WindowsPhone.


Samsung already has Bada OS which is being pushed hard in the market, and can always fall back on that.

How this all plays out eventually will be seen. The mobile industry is very volatile. As the famous saying goes, Expect the unexpected.

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  1. The motorola deal is now starting to make sense, all that money for a bunch of patents that would be obsolete in 2 to 3 years. I guess the guys took more than a passing look at Apple. All Motorola/Google needs to do now is to make more compelling devices like the Galaxy S II, they had the thunder with The first Droid but lost the initiative to samsung along the way.

    I for one think Google’s hold on the android OS lies in controlling both the hardware and software. All major players all have a backup plan, it’s only wise for Google to have one

  2. I believe there was no other option for Google than this. There are so many competitors in the mobile advertising space that it was only logical for Google to diversify.

    But I wonder if manufacturers like Samsung and HTC will remain true to Android on account of this page that Google has turned.

    However I see a firm like HTC buying HP’s WebOS so as to make the playingnfield even.

  3. Microsoft has a special deal with Nokia
    Google buys Motorola

    Apple will never give out iOS
    RIM wont give out BBOS either

    WebOS is still sleeping
    Nokia has turned Symbian into a 3rd World country operating system.

    As much as I say to my self that this guys should better go look for there own OS;

    I also say to my self; Do we need another OS.

    Well the world is good enough and Competition is good for Customers.

  4. I definitely think HTC should buy webOS; they already shelled out top dollar to buy Beats audio and quietly apply their brilliance to making top-notch devices for ’em. Samsung already have their bases covered with Bada. Sony ericsson so far has nothing to back itself up. Samsung has the best strategy to them all including Nokia, it supports almost all platforms out there; Android, WP7; Bada & it’s feature phone OS, they for me know that they are a hardware manufacturer and do their best to sell more and more hardware devices hence the multiple iterations of Galaxy S, Nokia was good at that but have fallen off the wagon with it’s attempt at rebirth by becoming a major software player with it’s now defunct Ovi range.

  5. Who knows, Honeycomb might just be the last version of Android to be public. Motorola might just pick up from there alone.

    There’s nothing wrong with each manufacturer having its own Os besides, only few people care about that.
    However, Nokia seems to be the most confused company; Making WinPho their priority but spending more energy of Symbian which they labelled dead and also working on a Meego phone, looks like that company will even bend over just to be successfull

  6. i don’t see all the phone manufacturers trying to build their individual OSs. we have enough already. and since the buying public are getting comfortable with their chosen OS, the likes of samsung, sonyericsson, lg should just concentrate on producing exciting hardwares. well who knows, a new OS can just give all the present run for their money. Google will have a lot to loose if it decides not to make android free and only have it on motorola devices. what market share does motorola have? its the likes of samsung, HTC, lg and sonyericsson that are leading the pack for android. So google better remain generous.

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