Google says goodbye to it’s first social network; Orkut

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Many will not know this but “Orkut” was Google’s first ever social network which started in 2004 before it went on to come out with Buzz and the most common one known as Google+. The social network was not really known to many as most of it’s users were circled around the U.S and later the social network gained more popularity and usage amongst the Brazilians and Indians.

The emergence of Facebook further did more harm to the social network as the few who still used the site abandoned it for the new social network. up until now Orkut has still been existing and as of today Google is saying bye bye, as you’re reading this, the site is no longer valid.

Google have been very successful with the emergence of it’s widely popular search engine, amongst other things but have definitely not been able to really attain the same height of success with it’s social platforms. The most popular of Google’s social platform remains Google+, which is still far from the heights of success Facebook or Twitter has attained.

You can click the link below to check out the infographic which was provided by a video and marketing production company based in Ireland. The infographic basically gives you a brief history of the now defunct social network. why it was given the name “Orkut” and some of the important moments that took place on the social network.

I doubt if any Nigerian ever heard of this social network let alone use it. Well, if you ever came across the social network feel free to drop a comment.


Source: GSM Arena


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  1. I knew about the social network but I never used it.
    Apart from hi5 and naijapals, I limited myself to just facebook, twitter, yookos and google+ dat I rarely used. I outgrew hi5 and naijapals and I’ve not used them for more than 4 years now.

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