GSMA report: Almost half of mobile users only talk and text

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As shocking as it may sound, it will interest you to know that almost half of mobile users only make calls and send texts with it. This comes at a time we assume that more people are going on the internet. A huge number of people have smart devices, and under use them. This GSMA report reveals all these and more.

GSMA report

The new Global Mobile Engagement Index (GMEI) measures the level of engagement of mobile phone users across a wide array of use cases and services. This survey covered 56 global markets and will be updated on an annual basis. To be precise, 47% of mobile phone users worldwide still only use their devices to make voice calls and send SMS.

To collate results, consumers where divided into groups: Aficionados (the most engaged with their devices), Pragmatists, Networkers and Talkers. The Talkers are the 47%. You can take part in the online survey to discover which segment you belong to. Click HERE.

Other important pointers from the report include:

  • South Korea, Qatar and the US are the most engaged with their mobile phones.
  • More than 70 per cent of smartphone consumers use their device to research information about products and services.
  • In African countries like Kenya and Tanzania, around four in every five adult mobile phone owners use their phones for mobile money services.

Follow the source link for the full report.



  1. Talking about users of mobile phones, many tends to use more of text message and as well talking via call. The analysis is right. For me, I spend more time on calling and surfing the internet as a tech savvy. You may love to see my great work and that of Elite group

  2. Totally believable.

    It is why an incapacitated and decapitated glorified featurephone like the iPhone would still be selling like akara balls, despite far more capable devices in the Android family being in existence!

    Most humans don’t need a smartphone. They merely WANT.

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