Guess how much 4k video you can record on the new 16 GB iPhone 6s

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Apple just launched the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus last week, and both devices are already available for pre-orders. Most notably, these phones come with new features. iOS 9 software, 3D Touch, a new Apple A9 chip, and a 12 MP camera capable of 4k video recording.


What is a 4K video?

4k videos are videos of very high resolution (3840 x 2160). The catch is that they consume lots of storage space. We discovered this when we played with the OnePlus One.

The least/cheapest model of the iPhone 6s is the 16 GB model, so PhoneArena tried to calculate just how much 4k video an owner of this iPhone can record. We should also note: out of the 16 GB storage, only (approximately) 12 GB is usable.

From their results, A minute of video in 4k takes up 375MB at 30 fps. Going by this, 12 GB storage will be able to carry just 32 minutes of 4K video at 30 fps. We should also consider that this user may have to install apps on the phone, so this value maybe lesser.
Added to this, there’s no micro SD card support. If you want to flex the 4k recording, they you might have to skip buying this 16 GB iPhone.



  1. Talk about being miserly,one would have thought after Apple charged you an arm and a leg for the iPhone,the least they could have done would have been to make 32Gb ROM the baseline model in this day and age,just like every other standard Flagship out there..

  2. I dont think they expect you use the 4k format for all your video recordings. Especially if you’re going with the 19GB model.

  3. also there’s no point in recording 4K video unless you plan to watch on another device, 6S/6S+ screen resolution is less than 4k

  4. Can u imagine, I didnt even think of this. I dont really understand the PPI wars anyway. I hear anything above 400, you really wont notice the difference anyway

  5. Forget how much space you’d need on an iPhone to store 4k video. Recording at 4k also eats battery and the iPhone is notorious for poor battery so….how much battery life is exhausted for just one minute?

    I very much doubt the people intending to use 4k video recording on the iPhone 6S will go for a 16GB device; that’s for novices.

  6. Wait hol’up hol’up

    Is the iphone really notorious for poor batter? I doubt o.

    I may agree with every other thing except the battery sha. And yes, multimedia people would really not be expected to get 16gb devices

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