Guide – How to Transfer contacts from your BlackBerry to an Android phone


Last night, I received a help request from someone who wanted to know how to transfer his contacts from BlackBerry to an Android phone. Here is how to go about it. You will need a Gmail account for this. It should also work with a Hotmail/Live/Outlook account.

1. Setup your email account on your BlackBerry

2. If you have an older BlackBerry smartphone (OS5 and below, I believe), you will need Google Sync for BlackBerry, an app that lets you sync your contacts, calender and email with Google’s suit of services (skip this if you’re using a Hotmail/Live/Outlook email account) and use the app to synchronise with your Gmail account

3. If you have a newer Blackberry device, it should sync your contacts with your email account automatically.

4. On your Android smartphone, setup your email account and your synchronised contacts should be automatically transferred to the phone.

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