At around 3.30 pm last Sunday, myself, my guest, Ekene Chikwendu AKA Monsieur Zschesh and my colleague, Omonzua, breezed into the expansive premises of the

Hangout With Mr. Mo #2: Monsieur Zschesh Representing

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At around 3.30 pm last Sunday, myself, my guest, Ekene Chikwendu AKA Monsieur Zschesh and my colleague, Omonzua, breezed into the expansive premises of the National Arts Theatre at Iganmu in Lagos. The National Theatre (as it is also called) is a beautiful edifice with lots of open space around for relaxing and recreation. There are art studios, relaxation spots, a police post, and more on the premises.

National theatre landscape

I have a very interesting and sentimental bond with the place. Years back before we got married, my wife and I used to hang out there. We were hanging out (and making out) one evening after dark, when a policeman came to jump on us. Oh, horrors! I know that your ears are itching already. Please contact my wife for the rest of the story, thank you.

Special Tip: The National Arts Theatre is usually well-lit at night and looks much more awesome (read: romantic) then. Take out an evening to stroll around the premises, if you can.


Of course, that Sunday afternoon, we met love birds at various spots on the premises chilling out. I strongly encouraged Zschesh to consider bringing his babe around sometime. The open space, the fresh air and the serenity are a sweet combination. I strongly encourage you to do same too.

The Interview

Tell us about yourself
I am Ekene. I am the kind of person who does not go with the flow. I write. I draw, though I haven’t held a pencil in some years. I don’t sing or dance. I am still very young. I have plans. I am serving and will be done with NYSC in a couple of weeks.

How did you come across MOBILITY?
I came across MOBILITY blog while searching for information about a phone. That was about two years ago as a university student.

Ekene Chikwendu

What is your primary mobile device?
That will be my BlackBerry Curve 7 9320. I also have a Nokia 3310 2310. It has been with me for about 7 years now. It is a pretty old phone, but when my Blackberry battery is dead, it serves as a backup device. Pretty reliable battery life.

Whao! A Nokia 3310! So, do you have any other devices?
I have a Galaxy Nexus 7 tablet.

3G or WiFi-only?
Wifi-only. I cannot afford the 3G version. If you can, I will make my bank account details available. That’s were I have my books and games. I have over 90 applications on my tablets, 3D games especially. I like 3D games.

90 apps?!! Oh dear! What do you think of tech blogging in Nigeria?
A couple of years ago, it was almost non-existing. When one was looking for reviews of devices and all that, you just couldn’t find much. Now, blogs are here and there – there’s MOBILITY blog, there’s TechLoy, and Dayo Ibitoye. I really love martinKem, though it isn’t exactly technology – its a bit of this and that, but I love that site. Presently, tech blogging in Nigeria is coming up and we now have some really good blogs.


How do you relax and catch fun?
Like I told you in private earlier, I am a very boring guy. I like to read – science fiction especially. I don’t watch movies, but I don’t mind sci-fi and animations flicks. I write – lazily though. I have a blog that I have been lazy with. When I want to relax, I go to places that are really quiet and without crowds and noise. I like quiet places, like here. This is my first time here at the National Theatre. I like the peaceful and quiet environment. this is my kind of place.

Any Girlfriends?
Yes; I have one and we are doing pretty good. We saw a couple tucked away in a corner somewhere here earlier. I plan on imitating them. I’ll bring her here and find a quiet corner just for us.

Miscellaneous Stuff


Ekene wouldn’t dance, regardless of how much Omonzua and I prodded him. Spoilsport! However, looking through the pictures we took at the event, I found this one that had me looking like I had pampers or diapers on. It might just be me, but no grown man should have his behind looking padded like this!


Shot and Produced on Mobile
Pictures, videos and audio were all done using the Nokia 808 PureView.


  1. …..And I was well behaved and looking all serious.

    Mr Mo, you gotta cut down on ’em Ice-cream, like you said “no grown man should have his behind looking padded like this”, you don’t wanna anger the women folks

    PS(1): Why do I look like I’m scratching my bum? *raises questioning brow @ Omo for taking that picture*

    PS (2): Mr Mo, its a Nokia 2310 not 3310 o! No dey fall my hand na 😉

  2. Nice interview, nice location and nice pictures. It makes me feel like hanging out too.

    Mr. Mo let’s make a deal, pass on all the ice-cream to me next time, will ya?
    Kudos Omon, the last pix is a classic!

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