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Help! How do I access free internal memory to prevent the “storage space running out” message?

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I used the TECNO Phantom A3 for a few months and never once ran into a “storage space running out” message, though I had dozens of aps running on it. But it seems that some people do run into that problem (and I am wondering how many apps they have installed on it to trigger that). I received an email yesterday from someone who needs help with this. Here it is:

I saw your review of TECNO Phantom A3 and I have one but I have a problem I want you to advise me how to go about it. The [internal] memory is 16GB but I am restricted to 1GB for apps and I can see that I have over 12GB free internal memory. I even bought an SD card of 16GB but the problem still persist as not all the Apps can be moved to the SD card. How do I access the free 12 GB to prevent the message “storage space running out”?

Thank you & best regards.

I no longer have an A3, and even if I did, I am not sure that I can create the scenario on my device. So, I am hoping that one of you app junkies out there who uses a Phantom A3 can help the brother out? Many thanks in advance as you chip in. Cheer.

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  2. You do not need to be an app junkie to experience or recreate this situation.

    The “app data” of some applications can be very large and when it is now ‘impossible’ to move the app to the sd card the issue becomes complicated.

    Next, you need to take a look at the size of the “cached” data. Try to clear it. It will buy you some space, literally.

    Next, download an app called “clean master” it will help you clear “junk” on your phone generated as you use different resources on the phone. The greatest suspect here is usually thumbnails.

    Also, if you use the native email client on the phone, you might have racked things up too high. Try clearing the database and reducing the amount of emails to download.

    This one might sound scary but it might help to root your device, effectively voiding your warranty (where available), so that you can take full control of where apps move to.

    Also try changing the default install location of your apps to external storage.

    I wish I had some screenshots especially from the “storage” section of your settings.

  3. U may also root the phone and use a software such as clean master to move apps to and SD card. android 4.1.2’s structure is such that apps are only installed on the RAM of the phone. Root access would help mediate d app load

  4. Ken,

    android 4.1.2?s structure is such that apps are only installed on the RAM of the phone.

    This assertion is incorrect. Apps are never installed in RAM. RAM is used for running apps.

  5. If your OK with rooting and creating partitions on your SD card, i would suggest using link2sd to move all apps to the SD card.

    The free version moves the apk, dex and lib files. this will definitely solve your space problems as your “/system” folder and “/data” folder will gain lots of free space.

    The paid version also move the pesky data files of the apps to the SD card. this will further reduce the load on the “/data” folder.

    On my phone xperia pro the “/data” folder represents the phone memory as displayed in the apps settings and i only have 420MB of space to install apps, but with link2sd (free version) i can now install way more apps than i could before.

  6. Get a high end Droid or Buy a windows phone, get WP8.1 DEV PREV and install apps on SD END.

    SD care partition
    Clean master
    Battery booster
    Anti virus
    Catch cleaner
    Closing background task

    Too much prob for a phone , even windows pc don’t give me this much trouble

  7. Is a problem with techno a3 phones.
    I bought 4 pieces of the phone for my workers and 3 had the same problem.
    We tried all means to handle it but to no avail.
    It limits you to only 1gb of the full memory.
    Even besides apps if you reach 1gb and want to load music and others will not permit you.
    I am tired of how to go about it.
    I have tried suggested steps but not helpful

  8. Am always tried to download an application but used to asked me to free some space, before downloding the applications and also used to wrote there is insufficient space in my device.

  9. My Phontom 6 plus keep complaining of storage space running out of which i dot have nothing in the phone.
    plaese help me out.

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