Here are Cyanogen’s plans to take on Android One in 2016

Cyanogen has unveiled its plans for the year 2016. From a presentation slide, we were able to glean the following:

  • $75.00 devices across multiple OEMs and markets
  • High performance, no compromises software, on inexpensive hardware
  • Supported through multiple OS revisions
  • Eliminate bloat
  • Apps and resources for the community
  • …And a flagship

Cyanogen low end strategy slide

In essence, Cyanogen is going head-to-head against Android One with plans for bloat-free, budget handsets running up-to-date software. But that won’t be all. There’s something for those who want a lot of ooomph! in their smartphone: a flagship. There are no details of the flagship for now, but hang on to your hats. We will have news for you soon.


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