How I got quick access to medical service via mobile

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I went to the hospital yesterday to have a checkup. I got to the hospital early enough, but after ‘wasting’ three hours on the same spot without anybody to attend to me, the geek in me sprung into action.

I pulled out my hospital card and from my BlackBerry, I sent a complaint to the email address provided. In a matter of minutes, an officer of the hospital came out to ask for my name and requested to have a chat with me privately. He apologised for the delay and promised that something would be done urgently. I noticed an improvement immediately and a doctor later came to see me.

Thank God for the quick email fired from my BlackBerry smartphone!!! That’s what meeting Mister Mo and hanging out on Mobility does – it brings out a more efficient (maybe geeky) you.


  1. Hmm.

    Good initialive there!

    Furthermore, I think this is also about taking personal intuitive and not being docile in the face of inefficient service delivery.

    It is more about you “speaking” up.

    if you go anywhere and you are not being attended to, deciding to speak out in protest is the first thing. then selecting the medium through which to protest is another.

    In this case, technology assisted you in channelling you grievance DIRECTLY to the “guy with Authority”

    I prefer to use my MOUTH, by speaking out LOUDLY and drawing attention.

    It is usually very effective, especially in a bank ;~)

  2. In this country, it take some firms over three week to reply a simple email, this is a BIG miracle.

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