How to delete all contacts on BlackBerry

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Have you ever needed to delete your entire Contacts database on your Blackberry device? If you ever have, you must know by now that there is no option to select all contacts in there, and nothing to indicate that such a feat is possible.

Still, its there. Its just hidden away, which is silly, really. Here’s what to do:

  1. Open Contacts app
  2. Hit Menu Key
  3. Choose Options
  4. While in there, type either “RSET” or “WIPE” and it should delete all your contacts. It won’t appear on the screen that you are typing anything but it should respond once you enter the last letter of RSET or WIPE.

This same procedure also works in the Calendar to delete your calendar records, if for any reason you ever need to do that without having to wipe/reset the entire phone.


  1. Came across this tip on crackberry after syncing my bb contacts with google duplicated them severally. It pretended to work but after telling me my contacts had been deleted, they were still there staring at me.

  2. In blackberry mobiles sometime unwanted contacts deletion on done easily. I have a great solution for delete all contacts in blackberry. Add new apps into your cell that is multiple contacts delete. This is compatible for all blackberry mobile models. It’s very useful application. So install it in your mobile free and paid.

  3. It worked!!! Many thanks. You need to wait a while after typing “wipe”. It will seem as if nothing is happening but it does work 🙂

  4. what about delete all bbm contacts, can I do it in once or I have to change my bbid?

    thank you in advance for your help…

  5. Hello Wanita, you don’t have to change your Blackberry ID. To delete all your BBM contacts, Goto your contacts lost within BBM, Hold down shift key and scroll over your contacts to select them. Then press delete key to delete them.

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