How to migrate your Visafone line to MTN

Following the acquisition of Visafone, MTN is now migrating existing Visafone lines so that all Visafone numbers work on the MTN network and function as GSM lines. If you are an existing Visafone subscriber, there are a few important points about what to expect from the migration exercise.

Important Info About Migrating Your Visafone Line To MTN

  1. Your Visafone number will not change
  2. You will be able to use your Visafone line everywhere there is MTN network coverage
  3. You will continue to enjoy existing Visafone tariffs and data plans that you have been on before now
  4. The Migration process and New SIM Card are FREE of charge.
  5. Once migrated, you will not be able to use a Visafone recharge voucher (as if anyone can find them to buy anymore). You will only be able to recharge with MTN vouchers using the code *556#.
  6. You will still be charged based on Visafone product and service tariff plans, remember you will retain your Visafone tariff and remains as Visafone line.
  7. Because Visafone was a CDMA network, you will need to replace your phone with a GSM phone (unless your old phone is compatible with both CDMA and GSM
  8. Your Visafone line should active on the MTN Network within 24 hours of migration

Visafone MTN migration

How To Migrate Your Visafone Line

You need to visit any MTN or Visafone Retail shops nearest to you (you cannot send someone to do it), and provide the following:

  1. An active VISAFONE MSISDN (number)
  2. Three (3) frequently dialled numbers
  3. A Valid ID card – International Passport (Data Page), Driver’s license, National ID, Voters Card, etc.

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