The N900 is specified as supporting Mail for Exchange/Exchange Server. However, the internet is littered with users looking for a way to get this service

How to SetUp Exchange Server for Google Sync on Nokia N900

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The N900 is specified as supporting Mail for Exchange/Exchange Server. However, the internet is littered with users looking for a way to get this service to work, especially with Google Sync. I kept on getting error messages, such as “Error in communication with Exchange server” and “Exchange server is not responding“. This is one area where the N900’s imperfections show.

It took me some time, but I finally got it working. No; it didn’t take rocket science. The solution is very simple. It is my opinion that Nokia simply needs to put out more detailed information to assist their customers in getting the best out of their devices.


To get Exchange Server to work with syncing your Google calendar and contacts, make sure that your N900’s Contacts and Calendar do not contain any items before your first synchronisation. Do not restore your calendar or contacts from a previous backup using PC Suite.

Settings to watch out for
1. Open the Settings menu on your device and start the Mail for Exchange application.

2. Proceed to set up a sync profile, paying attention to the following details:

  • Username: Your full Google email address, e.g. or Google domain email e.g.
  • Password: Your Google Account password
  • Domain: leave empty
  • Exchange Server:
  • Port: 443
  • Secure Connection: Yes
  • Sync Email: Disable***
  • Sync Calendar and Tasks: Enable
  • Sync Contacts: Enable

***You must disable Email sync here in the Mail for Exchange (MfE) application. If you need to setup your Gmail or Google domains email, do so in the Mail application. Its the way to go until Nokia fixes whatever is wrong with the MfE application on the N900.

You can select any options for the other settings not specified above, but you need to pay attention to those I have specified. Anything else, and its a hit-and-miss affair.

Once you are done, your first synchronisation should go through without any hitches, and depending on the sync shedule that you selected, your N900 will keep your contacts and calendar entries on your device in sync with Google Calendar and Contacts.

I have both Google Sync via Exchange Server and my Google domains mail working flawlessly on my N900. Now, you can too.


  1. Yomi, the problem with the MfE application and Gmail is not just with the N900, it is a general issue. Somehow, i feel it’s deliberate.

    Because of this, i’ve spent a lot of my time trying to find a good, html supported email client for, well, my Symbian phone. No luck yet.I would appreciate a good write-up and recommendation from you on email clients; nokia email, emoze, Tricastmail,mozat,mobiquus, etc. Some of them are so ridiculous, dont support email sub-folders!

    Lastly, some of us are not very happy about your heavy bias towards your maemo powered new toy, symbian is not dead, at least not yet.

    Keep up your good work.

  2. artwales,

    I wasn’t aware that the MfE and Google Sync issue was widespread. That is not good.

    I’ll see if I can come up with write-ups on 3rd party mail clients, but I haven’t used any of them in years. Email is so vital to my work that I scrutinise that in the process of deciding what smartphone to purchase. As such, I have not needed a 3rd party mail client in a number of years.

    Still, I’ll give it a shot. I still have my Windows Mobile LG GW550 and can use that to run some review tests.


  3. Fred,

    Glad to know this article was helpful.

    As for video calling, I never bothered with that on the N900 and unfortunately I no longer own one.

    @all: anyone else who knows how to go about it is welcome to share.

  4. nokia n900 mail for exchange is perfect….. cause when i use hotmail in mail for exchange….. its perfectly….. problem in gmail exchnage sever….. google need solved it….

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