How to take pictures in HDR Mode with your smartphone

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When next you open your phone’s camera, or any digital camera, look through the options and settings. You might see something like HDR or HDR mode. Have you ever wondered what it means or what it does? This is a brief primer and tutorial on how to take pictures in HDR Mode with your Android smartphone or Apple iPhone.

HDR in full means High Dynamic Range, and if you recall, we mentioned it among common phone spec acronyms. HDR imaging is a feature already available in standard photography, but recently introduced to camera phones like iPhone and Android devices (or with the use of camera apps). HDR is supposed to make your pictures look better, but this depends on when and how you use it.

How to take pictures in HDR Mode

With HDR on your phone, when you snap your picture, it splits out to one regular photo and one HDR photo. When you turn HDR mode on, your phone takes a little longer to take a picture. This is because, its actually taking three pictures, rather than just one.

When You Should Use HDR

HDR is designed to help you take better-looking photos, especially in certain situations. These are scenarios where you should try using HDR:

1.) For taking landscape photos, HDR mode is ideal, because you get to capture all the details, both for the sky, and land.


2.) Close shots under sunlight needs the use of HDR. From a previous article on how to take better pictures, you”ll learn that good lighting is one of the most important criteria for taking good pictures, but when there’s too much light, especially on someone’s face, like harsh sunlight, it can cause dark shadows, bright glare, and other unwanted characteristics. HDR can even that out and make the subject look better.

3.) HDR is also good for low light conditions or back-lit situations, low-light and back-lit scenes. HDR can brighten up the foreground without washing out the well-lit portions of your photo.

How to take pictures in HDR Mode

When not to use HDR

Sometimes HDR actually makes your pictures look worse.

For example: In moving photos or photos where your subject is in motion, the HDR output will be blurry. If you recall, HDR takes three pictures, and combines them so if your subject moves between the shots, the final picture won’t look good. HDR mode is not good for High Contrast scenes, and also scenes with very vivid colours.

When you start using it and get accustomed to using it, you’ll discover HDR is an amazing tool for capturing better pictures.

Here’s a video that teaches you more about HDR Imaging

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  1. Wow…thanks for this! Been wondering how to use it in my Z10.

    It’s available for BlackBerry 10, by the way

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