How to turn off Twitter in-app browser in the new app

This quick guide shows you how to turn off Twitter in-app browser in the new Twitter app for Android.

Recently, Twitter pushed out an update to their Android app. The update added an in-app browser, so that when you click on an external link while using the app, you can view the webpage right inside Twitter. The need to switch to your device’s browser is thus eliminated.

turn off Twitter in-app browser

While the new feature has its uses, it also messes with certain people’s usage patterns. For example, you may love to have the webpage open in your browser and left open there while you continue to read your Timeline or reply to mentions or attend to DMs. This way, you can switch between other tasks and reading any link you have clicked on.

Unfortunately, this is where the usage of the Twitter in-app browser fails. To continue reading your TL or doing anything else inside the Twitter app, you have to exit the in-app browser and lose the web page you were reading.

Luckily, you can disable this new feature.

Steps To Turn off Twitter in-app browser

Launch your Twitter app. Go to Settings -> General -> Use in-app browser. Uncheck the box in front of that. Simple.

Now, when you click on a link inside the app, it opens up as usual in your regular web browser.

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