How to use your camera phone as a microscope [sort of]

Have you ever tried reading the ratings on one of those phone or laptop chargers? The text is so tiny that one wonders why they bother printing them on in the first place. What is the point of printing the power ratings of a charger if I can’t read it? Of course, this problem is not limited to chargers only. There are lots of electronic items all over the place with details or instructions that are unreadable. Well, this is one more reason why you should aim to have a capable camera phone, especially one that can take macro shots.

What to do when you don’t want to strain your eyes trying to read those things?

1. whip out your cameraphone (if it has macro capability). Macro mode lets you take close-up shots. Some phone cameras may have a “documents” mode. That should do too.

2. activate the macro/close-up/documents mode

3. keep steady and take a shot of the details that you want to read.

4. open the photo that you have taken and zoom in to read the annoying text. Voila!

Of course, because we are talking about details here, as a rule, the higher the megapixel rating of your cameraphone, the better. If it has superb optics too, perfect. I needed to check the power rating and voltage of a laptop this morning and my Nokia Lumia 920 came to the rescue. Have a look:


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