On this fateful day, I was tired and bored in the office after several meetings with my clients. I picked up my Nokia N8 with

How to watch DSTV on the Nokia N8

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On this fateful day, I was tired and bored in the office after several meetings with my clients. I picked up my Nokia N8 with the intention of finding a game to play but found that I was not in the mood for games. Next, I drifted online to look for any exciting app to install on my N8. It was at this point that I ran into this incredible app DsTV Mobile. It is a widget developed by DsTV for the Nokia N8. With this app, you can watch Euronews, Supersport Blitz and SawSee for free.

You can download DsTV for Nokia N8 here.

The app works by streaming content over your mobile internet connection. As such, the drawback of this app is that it requires a lot of data to stream. I had to find a way to use this app without exhausting my 15mb from Etisalat that I use for email, since I do not pay for data plan (this is gist for another day).

dstv n8b

I went hunting online again for an application to help me turn my laptop into a wifi hotspot (I was fed up with setting up peer to peer network every morning to use with my mobile device).

Here I encountered yet another challenge – most of the apps available support only Windows 7. My Acer Aspire AS3810T runs on Vista. With some peristence, after about an hour of search, I found what I was looking for in Bzeek.

Bzeek turns your laptop into a software access point for free and with ease.

Bzeek supports Windows 7, Vista and XP.

A few highlights from the Bzeek website:

  • Bzeek has a built-in Firewall that protects your computer and network.
  • Bzeek creates a totally separate network for other visitors, which works next to your existing network.
  • Bzeek’s security features ensure people connecting to Bzeek cannot access or even see your computer.
  • This means they cannot see your files, to know who you are, or to have any kind of access to your computer.

With Bzeek I was able to share the internet access from my Starcomms modem with my Nokia N8. This helped me to save money on data and I could also take my moblie office anywhere and share my internet access with any device. Of course, this worked just fine for watching sports and news via Dstv mobile on my N8.

To get more information on how to install and use dstv mobile,click here.

Please Note:
You may have to turn off your firewall to use Bzeek (since it comes with it own firewall). I had connectivity problems after I installed it until I figured this out.

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  1. Wow. I’ve been trying to watch mobile tv on my Nate since i bought it.
    I downloaded the dstv app almost 2 weeks ago. I thought it would use dvb-h signals, but no. Big disappointment to see it used video streaming. I’ve bought the nokia tv bluetooth receiver, but i’m still searching for the app that will allow me watch dstv via mtn or glo. The whole setup works on my old nokia 5320, but the app doesn’t work on the Nate.

  2. What am most excited about here is Bzeek and i will certainly be giving it a trial.

    I actually thought Nokia N8 came with a Web TV app that has CNN.

    Here is hoping DSTV hook up with the Symbian 3 devices for real.

  3. Cool though … the dstv app has bn out since last year, I don’t use it anymore cos it doesnt support hdmi …

  4. @Etim

    Any help on this error with Bzeek
    The server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request.

  5. Please pardon me for deviating from the topic at hand.
    @Etimbuk. Let me ask you some questions.
    1. Do you know where ‘Main Camp’ is? 2. Do you know what ‘Ngozi’ is? 3. Where you ever a ‘Malabite’?
    Do post your answers please.

  6. @spacyzuma, pls how much do u buy the nokia tv reciever and where did u buy it. am interested in acquiring one.

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