A few reasons to love the Huawei Y6II

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The 5.5-inch display, 4G LTE, Huawei Y6II is one of the most recent releases from the global Top 2 smartphone manufacturer’s stables. Powered by an Octa-core processor, the Y6II runs on Android 6.0 marshmallow operating system which comes with the battery-saving Doze mode, highly intelligent voice search and lots more…

A few reasons to love the Huawei Y6II

There are a few more reasons to love the Y6II smartphone. These include: the camera, performance, battery power, as well as design and style.


The HUAWEI Y6 II is equipped with a 10-level auto-face enhancement, 10ms face recognition for a crystal clear photography experience. There are professional in-built functions such as Panoramic mode, Perfect selfie and Makeup mode that allow you to enhance pictures with various makeup styles and preview the effects in real time with a single touch. This is a quick fix for anyone who’s having a bad lighting or bad hair day but still wants to post fantastic pictures.


The Y6II has got the moves! The Kirin 620 1.2 GHz octa-core 64 bit processor ensures that your phone has a smoother performance even while multi-tasking. The EMUI 4.1, and upgraded built-in phone manager is faster and more power-saving thus helping to clean and optimize the device and its storage capabilities.

Battery Power

The HUAWEI Y6 II comes with a very huge battery capacity with ultra-high power saving technology that guarantees long lasting power. If one hour of calls, one hour of web browsing and one hour of video playback is made daily then the Huawei Y6II can last up to 60 hours without being charged.

Design & Colours

The Y6II has a classic 3D crossed stripe design on the back cover. It also features grains with 5176 different facets, which reflect light and shadow effects, and creates a distinctive interweaving metal-like appearance. It also has a mould mirror polish at the side that gives the smartphone a premium fashionable and superior look. The curved shape design is convenient for single-handed use and offers users the most comfortable grip.

The HUAWEI Y6 II comes in a wide range of splendid colours including: black, pink, yellow and blue.

Do not forget to check out the full Huawei Y6 II specifications.

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