I have had a wonderful time doing this here on MOBILITY.ng since 2008. It has been exciting navigating from the old order to the new

I am retiring from Blogging – Mister Mobility

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Mister Mo

I have had a wonderful time doing this here on MOBILITY.ng since 2008. It has been exciting navigating from the old order to the new and riding all the waves till now. Over 100 phones owned, and more reviewed, and thousands of articles published, all make up a total experience that I will forever look back on with nostalgia. Even if no-one else says so – and plenty of people do – I have done an awesome job running MOBILITY from inception till date.

However, I seem to be the only old horse still doing tech blogging in Nigeria, and my age is perhaps beginning to tell. Heck! I am probably the only old horse in blogging in Nigeria. Everyone else is in their 20s and 30s. My grey hair needs some rest and my creaky old bones need plenty of time in the hands of masseurs. It is now time to let younger people have the steering wheel. As such, I am retiring from blogging with immediate effect.

But “Mister Mobility” lives on

I am retiring, but your favourite tech blogger, Mister Mobility, is not going away. I will be shedding the toga and identity of “Mister Mobility”, so that my replacement here can wear the very same cape proudly. Yes; the identity lives on. The search for a suitable replacement Mister Mobility was long and hard, but it eventually paid off.

Keep your eyes on the author profile of the next few articles following this for information about my replacement, the new Mister Mobility. I am sure that many of you will not be surprised, as he is an individual well known to you and who has also written for the blog quite a bit in the last few years.

I want to thank every one of you – our readers, partners and clients – who have made my time here a very awesome experience. I appreciate your partnership and all.

What Next?

So, what endeavours am I moving on to? I have a few things on my plate, and you will get to hear of them as I execute them. Don’t stop reading and following MOBILITY blog! Long live MOBILITY blog!!


  1. Thank you Mr. Mo for your passionate contribution to mobile technology and the impact you made in people’s lives in this area and related fields. It’s been a wonderful time together. I’m wishing you the very best in your subsequent endeavours.

  2. Hmmmmmm…. This coming today, 1st April, can only mean one thing… Cuz for me, an old woman does not tire from the dance she started in her youth…
    I carry one eye dey look you sha

  3. Hmmmm, Mister Mobility what can i say? You touched and changed my life for good as far as mobile is concern. I know you have done same to many people. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours

  4. Mr Mo I don’t believe this but if its true , you would have waited a bit-probably dec. 31st or there about. you’ve made transition to modern mobile tech a breeze to many….. Thanks

  5. I am a Professional CyniQ.

    Seeing the title, I was sorely tempted not to bother reading any further.

    I said to myself, na lie jor!

    Can a goat stop eating yam, or fowl stop doing what it loves best… munchibg corn ?

    Mr Mobility retiring from blogging? ImpossiCANT.

    You don’t FOOL us. Naaaa..

  6. I wasn’t mindful of the date. Well, now I’m pleasantly surprised.

    Harry, don’t you be fooled on the 1st of April again!


  8. I am a regular reader of your blog and am in my Fifties!i doubt that you are as old as I am.If I am not too old to find your writings engaging,I wonder what this talk of age is all about? Age is just a number and a function of your state of mind. Ageing and the onset of death commence when you stop learning.

    Consistency and persistence are the mother’s milk of success.You have continually engaged us with exciting content on the evolving world of mobile technology with your sheer force of personal testimony and research from credible sources.

    If you are getting overwhelmed,you may take a cue from “Moments with(out) Mo” and recruit some acolytes to support you but I strongly advise against your announced “retirement”.

    Again,you may wish to find out what happened to Dele Momodu (Bobo Dee) after his premature announced retirement from writing his weekly column.

    If,on the other hand,this is all an “April Fool” game,you would have succeeded in knowing how some of your readers have become so foolishly in love with you??

  9. I// wonder what this talk of age is all about? Age is just a number and a function of your state of mind. Ageing and the onset of death commence when you stop learning.//

    Taking this to GTBank, straight away…

  10. Till today, April 6th, I still have people asking me why I am retiring from blogging.

    For those who didn’t get the memo, this article was published on the 1st of April. Hellooooo…..

    It has been fun fooling y’all. Looking forward to a different prank in 2015 🙂

  11. Of course, we are going to miss you, great one.

    I’ve been busy this couple of years, so I’ve not been following the blog as passionately as I used to do before. Of course, we are one of the founding contributors to the blog.

    However, I’d like to say kudos to you, Mr Mobility, for a job well done. I’ve always admired your commitment to mobile. And your eptitude for saying things as it is, not minding whose ox is gored.

    I wish you Godspeed in your next endeavors. Go and conquer another area like you did mobile!

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