I have run into a handful of music streaming services in recent times. A music streaming service is cloud-based. The music tracks are never really

I don't want to stream my music

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I have run into a handful of music streaming services in recent times. A music streaming service is cloud-based. The music tracks are never really yours, and you can only enjoy the tracks whenever there is a stable internet connection. There are all sorts of billing models – a monthly overall fee, an annual fee per track, or some other hybrid model.

The issue for me is this: that I never really own what I pay for. I don’t own it because I have no control over it. I want to be able to move my music across devices – smartphones, tablets, and PCs. I want to listen to my favourite tracks without burning into my mobile internet subscription. I want control.

Has anyone wondered why YouTube video converters and downloaders got popular? Yes; people want control over their media. Simple.

Then, in addition to the access and control issue, requiring me to stream my music increases my running costs (mobile internet bills) and also impacts on the battery life of my device. Of course, when mobile internet is shaky, your guess is as good as mine.

So far, none of the available music streaming services have caught my attention personally. Offer me the option to download for a small fee and I am your uncle. But stream? No; thank you.


  1. that I never really own what I pay for

    Well- when u rent a movie (say dvd), u do not own it either. U are paying for service. You go watch something @ Silverbird, same scenario!

    You dont necessarily have to own anything to enjoy/ control it.

    Robert Kiyosaki famously said, ‘Own NOTHING, but CONTROL everything’

  2. EyeBeeKay,

    No; it is not the same thing. Going to see a movie at the cinema is not the same thing as streaming music. Most people watch a movie once and that’s it. Those same people listen to their favourite tracks tons of times daily, weekly, monthly, and so on.

    It is very far from being the same.

  3. Cinema and streaming na the same thing for me oh! I sometimes don’t understand movies on the first watch thus I need to rewind the damn thing and I also need to know that my favorite tracks at re just around the corner internet access or no internet access 😀

  4. I guess that’s where streaming cum digital music store – Spinlet comes in, allowing you to stream for frEe then buy if you like the song.

    However I deleted the app after a week of downloading it simply because I couldn’t get the most out of the streaming service unless I was on a 3G connection.

    At the end of the day, your own na your own.

  5. I don’t really like the idea of streaming, because it eats megabytes of data & secondly, the 3g network in my area is not so stable. For me any song I need, I search for it and download. I now have total control. hehe *big smile*

  6. The only online music service I can subscribe to is one that will allow me to stream my own music for free. I cant wait for Google Music to get to Nigeria.

    I certainly prefer to have my music on my device, come on, this is Nigeria – Bills and speed of internet wont make it worth it.

    As for movies I hardly go to cinemas, I prefer to watch my movies at home on my big screen with my Home theater. The distractions are just too much at the Cinema, I watch most movies once, so I must get the best out of it.

  7. Streaming music you payed for? The idea sounds dumb to me. Even youtube videos that ?re free ????????????? not that appealing. You have to download to really enjoy.

  8. I don’t have any music streaming app in my phone and I seldom use the Google YouTube application. I don’t see their use as practical given the meagre data allowance from our network providers.

    And what with all the cloud storage services that would give you free GBs of storage for your music and videos and other files that are already in your device just so you have access to all you files from all your connected devices? I will rather go with an OS that supports external storage and move things around locally. The lightweight document files are all I have in the cloud storage services for now.

  9. Years ago I subscribed to an online music service. After a while I decided to stop using the service and cancelled my subscription; it was then I realised that leaving the service meant the songs I thought I had bought, downloaded and owned didn’t work.

    Since then I refuse to “rent” music. If possible I will try to buy and download rather than paying to stream – or just buy the CD. That way I can rip and edit as I see fit. I will only stream music if I want to hear if an album/song is worth buying (e.g. serices like Spinlet and Spotify).

    I’m not prepared to be at the mercy of any company who wants me to pay for streaming music that I will never outrightly own.

  10. Yes sir! I don’t want to stream music on my phone. God forbid that you are on MTN BB complete, your data allowance will be exhausted in days and throw in erratic internet connectivity.

    Like Mr Mobility rightly pointed out a small fee for download is welcome else forget it.

    Besides if you google very well, there are tons of sites where you can download free music so why stress your self?

    Stream ko River ni.

  11. I like to own my music…. Especially since once I like a song I play it over and over again till I can’t stand it anymore. Most sites (Jango et al) don’t let you replay songs so these days I’m just happier downloading….

  12. I totally agree with Mr mobility on this. Streaming eats into my “unlimited” data plan, thus adding extra cost to the music. On top of that, the type of internet service we get around here means you cannot even enjoy the steamed music since it keeps breaking. The same applies to streamed video (eg YouTube). By the way, does any body know any good YouTube downloader for Android?

  13. streaming music is a no go for me, I tried out internet radio a while ago but the battery drain was not worth and add the fact that the songs played are songs I owned. I personally don’t see any reason to kill my battery to stream music I already own.
    going to the cinema is cool to me, I only watch movies once and am done with it.

  14. I can only conclude that most of these music streaming services are not designed for emerging markets or developing countries. Those of us with a “disposable income” are the ones most likely to try them if we have a regular internet data package. Many of us rely on our phones to access the service; this also works on the premise that we have a reliable power source should our battery/pc/tablet drain during the process.

    Surely there must be a way to adopt/adapt a suitable model for those who don’t want to stream music but would quite willingly pay. I mean, how can you guarantee that you’ll even be able to download one track safely, knowing how erratic our networks can be? I would quite happily pay for a service like that to I buy a track/album if I didn’t have it in the back of my mind that the network connection might let me down more often than not.

  15. Well, what’s a streaming service without a 3G connection? I downloaded spinlet app yesterday and I streamed some songs for free, but it wasn’t free actually. I lost about 20MB in less than one hour; you know how much this translates to. I’m with Mister Mobility on this

  16. In similitude to streaming music, I listen to my favorite radio shows while i’m away from home using the Internet radio app on my phone- Beat 99.9FM, Rick.com Top 40…

    Sometimes i do watch movie trailers or music videos on youtube, I prefer to download my music than streaming it. The meagre data allowance and the crappy speed offered by mobile networks wouldn’t allow streaming a single track over n over again.

  17. Emmanuel, thank you so much. I have searched Google store and never found any suitable application. I have downloaded and installed it. Thank you once again. This site rocks.

  18. I love streaming, movie,internet-radio,internet-tv
    but not good when network is slow,my empty hen has been browsing freeeee so do streaming when the 3g is strong I like tune in radio in google play markt.

  19. Never even thought of paying to stream music online when there are a thousand & one site to download the song for free…. abi mo ti stream ni?

  20. what about the ability to stream and download for free? Nigerian artists give out their music for free on twitter and what not. http://www.lasgiditunes.com has taken all that music and put it in one central location for our listening pleasure. plus you get a 10 download limit a month

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