Here are the gadgets I got for Christmas 2017

For Christmas 2017, my kids got me gadgets as gifts, and they were quite thoughtful and timely gifts too. Permit me to share them with you.

I got two gadgets for Christmas 2017

Multi-function Adaptor

This was from Boy Mo, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. My laptop has a two-pin plug, meaning that at most locations, I am unable to plug into the standard three-pin wall sockets without a fuss.

This multifunction adaptor plugs into a three-pin socket and offers me the option to plug in up to four different gadgets regardless of the kind of plug they have – double-round, double-flat, tri-flat, tri-round, tri-cubic…bring it on and it is game.

The lad knew exactly what I needed.

Circumaural Headphones

As for Girl Mo, she got me a pair of dj style headphones. Why was this gift also timely?

I own an old pair of Samsung in-ear headphones that have taken a bit of a beating. They still work well though, but at least now I do not have to look like a hobo while escaping to my world of music at home.

PS: If you are interested in headphones, you should have a look at our headphone buyer’s guide.

What Did Mrs. Mo Get Me?

Ah! Mrs. Mo got me gifts in a different category from the scope of this blog 😁. Perhaps I might share about her gifts on That is, if she doesn’t kill me first!

Anyway, back to our gadget gist, I stepped into 2018 well equipped for mobile productivity and relaxation, thanks to my thoughtful teenagers. Not too shabby. Not too shabby.

No; I am not telling you what I got them. And no; I didn’t get them any gadgets. 😛

Did you get any gadget gifts for Christmas 2017 or even for the new year? Do share the good news. Happy new year, dear mobilistas!

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