For Christmas 2017, my kids got me gadgets as gifts, and they were quite thoughtful and timely gifts too. Permit me to share them with you. Advertisement…

Here are the gadgets I got for Christmas 2017

For Christmas 2017, my kids got me gadgets as gifts, and they were quite thoughtful and timely gifts too. Permit me to share them with you.


I got two gadgets for Christmas 2017

Multi-function Adaptor

This was from Boy Mo, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. My laptop has a two-pin plug, meaning that at most locations, I am unable to plug into the standard three-pin wall sockets without a fuss.


This multifunction adaptor plugs into a three-pin socket and offers me the option to plug in up to four different gadgets regardless of the kind of plug they have – double-round, double-flat, tri-flat, tri-round, tri-cubic…bring it on and it is game.

The lad knew exactly what I needed.


Circumaural Headphones

As for Girl Mo, she got me a pair of dj style headphones. Why was this gift also timely?

I own an old pair of Samsung in-ear headphones that have taken a bit of a beating. They still work well though, but at least now I do not have to look like a hobo while escaping to my world of music at home.

PS: If you are interested in headphones, you should have a look at our headphone buyer’s guide.

What Did Mrs. Mo Get Me?

Ah! Mrs. Mo got me gifts in a different category from the scope of this blog 😁. Perhaps I might share about her gifts on That is, if she doesn’t kill me first!

Anyway, back to our gadget gist, I stepped into 2018 well equipped for mobile productivity and relaxation, thanks to my thoughtful teenagers. Not too shabby. Not too shabby.

No; I am not telling you what I got them. And no; I didn’t get them any gadgets. 😛

Did you get any gadget gifts for Christmas 2017 or even for the new year? Do share the good news. Happy new year, dear mobilistas!

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  1. Nice one from the Mo family, this is how true family should always do. Well, I got a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime plus from Samsung mobile Nigeria on Instagram for being their most active fan of the year, but that was given to me before the Christmas time.

  2. Hi Obadara,

    Hopefully, things will be different this year. For example, I didn’t get any gadget gift the year before. There is even no guarantee that I will get any this year.

    Have a prosperous 2018!

  3. I saw that Multi-function adaptor in a recently opened mall in my city and I so loved it.

    I should get married very soon. Someone’s kids bought him a private jet, someone else’s kids bought him Mercedes GL. Maybe there’s something in this new generation kids

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