ICS facial recognition already flawed

One of the many features that made me sing praises of the ICS is the facial recognition feature. This feature allows users to lock and unlock their device without using a password. Just a facial capture will do. While this feature is a great one, we can begin to expect that it’s not a perfect improvement on the Android platform yet. Just yesterday, a Galaxy Nexus user out of curiosity tested the facial recognition feature and discovered a lapse.

He discovered that the photograph of the owner of an ICS powered device can actually unlock the phone. He snapped his picture on the new Galaxy Note and pointed it to unlock the Galaxy Nexus. Phiam!!! The Phone unlocks. I thought the feature was programmed to unlock on spotting the face, not a photograph. Well, that’s how we have it on the ICS and the Galaxy Nexus.

ICS facial recognition on Samsung Galaxy Nexus

So, if you’ll be getting the Galaxy Nexus or any other ICS device soon, take note that the facial unlock may just not be the most secured way to unlock your device as earlier anticipated by many.

Here is the link to the video: Ice Cream Sandwich Face Unlock feature compromised


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