Infinix S2 Pro gets Android 7 Nougat update

Posted by Mister Mobility

When info first reached us that the Infinix S2 Pro would be launched with Android 6 Marshmallow, we wondered whether it would ever get Android 7 Nougat update. We are glad to know that we worried for nothing. Android Nougat update is already rolling out to the S2 Pro. 

We got the update notification on our unit this afternoon. The software update is available OTA and is a hefty 1.8 GB in size, so get on a WiFi connection for the download. 

Besides the benefits of Nougat, this software update brings other optimisations to the Infinix S2 Pro. Several actually. We are downloading it as this article goes live and will bring you details. 

If the lack of Nougat was holding you back from buying the Infinix S2 Pro before, your concern has been taken care of. Go get yours. Nougat should be a tasty treat.  


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    I’m taking placard to the nearest Infinix office. My Zero 4 plus update hasn’t arrived, yet see phone that was just launched on Monday has Nougat.

    Infinix!! 😥😥😥

  2. My concern too, why would the best phone ever produced by Infinix struggling to get an update?

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