Innjoo earlier announced that a flagship will be launched at the brand’s very first launch event in Nigeria. A little bird tells us that the

Is Innjoo Note Pro the flagship to be launched this month?

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Innjoo Note Pro

Innjoo earlier announced that a flagship will be launched at the brand’s very first launch event in Nigeria. A little bird tells us that the Note Pro is the device to watch. All the details are not clear, but Innjoo is teasing with a few specs, including:

  • 5.5-inch stunning display
  • 2G RAM
  • serious performance and smooth experience
  • sharper image
  • super battery
  • smart gestures

The launch date is still 11th February. Hang around! Mobility Arena will be bringing you all the juicy details.


  1. There would actually be something ‘PRO’

    If history is anything to guide us, the pricing would be PRO_pocket.. incredible value for money…

  2. Hmm, the competition gets hotter among the Chinese OEMs in the Nigerian market.

    TECNO. Infinix. InnJoo. Who next?

    Just a couple of years ago, TECNO was the buzzword in dirt-cheap capable phones. The Chinese upstart was said to be devouring Samsung’s lunch with sales.

    Then sprang up Infinix and InnJoo. Solo tagged along. Wiko has joined the party. Fly is landing too. These new comers are beating TECNO at its own price game and the tables are turning.

    These are exciting times indeed. Yet we have not heard the last of the cheap-price, specs-loaded Android warriors.

    There is another Chinese brand, Elephone, that is soon launching a high-specs smartphone with the biggest battery in the world – 5,350Ah!

    Right now, I’m expecting last year’s global revelations (also Chinese)- OnePlus and Xiaomi – to invade Nigeria this year.

    With the Low Price-High Specs Android World War, leaders like Samsung and co are really in for tough times ahead.

  3. don’t expect OnePlus & Xiaomi here anytime soon. OnePlus & Xiaomi don’t use the traditional sales channels, they sell devices online. and their growth/spread projections don’t include Africa at this time, India’s their focus for the foreseeable future. As for the changes in the budget/entry level device segment, we’ll soon see devices like the Infinix Zero (5″ screen, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB ROM) selling for ~ 15000. this improvements are to detriment of the big OEMs, one, their budget/entry level devices do’ measure up and two, their midrange/premium devices will be clearly overpriced by comparison

  4. Who said Innjoo and Infinix are Chinese phones?
    Mind you, Innjoo is a Dubai based company while Infinix is a France based company.
    They are not Chinese phones.

  5. Actually, Infinix is French-Chinese. Some kinda partnership.
    Apparently, the emerging market in Nigeria is bubbling, all thanks to TECNO, Gionee, Infinix, InnJoo and the like. Samsung, HTC, LG, begone! We don’t need you!

  6. Infinix and TECNO are actually owned by the same investment company, called mobility incorporated the company that bought sagem mobile portfolio in France its a Chinese company.
    It has somehow managed to corner the mobile market in Africa by making it look as if these two companies are competing

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