Instagram for Windows 10 is here – and it is perfect!

Posted by MobilityArena

The Instagram app for Windows Phone 8.x has been in BETA since forever – and it still is. However, Windows 10 Mobile users can heave a sigh of relief now, because an Instagram for Windows 10 app is here now, and it is perfect. By perfect, I mean it is as featured and well designed as the Android app.

Since it matches the Android app feature to feature, I decided to not bore you with a written review, but give you comparison photos. Call it a pictorial review. Enjoy the photos below comparing Instagram for Android (on the left) with Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile (on the right).

There you have it. A very up-to-date Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile app. I have used it quite a bit today and it works well. All of a sudden, using my Lumia 950 is a little bit more exciting. Can we have more apps for Windows 10 Mobile, please? I am seeing a pattern: Windows 10 Mobile apps tend to be far better than their Windows Phone 8 versions. So, can GTBank, WordPress, BBM and WhatsApp all give us Windows 10 apps, please? Let’s just say their existing Windows Phone 8 apps leave a few things to be desired.

Am I asking for too much? Anyway, back to Instagram, I doubt that the Windows Phone 8 app will see further development from now. This is likely the end of the road for it.

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