Intel finally quits the smartphone ecosystem

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The fight to stay relevant in the mobile space is almost over for Intel. Inevitably, the fight is futile as it has reaped little or no results. A few weeks ago, the company announced an impending sack of 12,000 staff, all in a bid to restructure and stay profitable.

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In this piece, I analysed the history of Intel chips on mobile, and their renewed focus on the wearables market, so it is not surprising to hear that Intel is set to drop the smartphone market. Oh yes, the Zenfones of this world, all powered by Intel chips, will soon cease to exist.

Intel has dropped out of the smartphone chip race. They did this by killing off the upcoming projects Broxton and SoFIA. These platforms were strictly made to support mobile devices. The likes of Qualcomm, Apple and Samsung have snuffed them out of the market. The company has also lost about $10 billion while trying to play catch up.


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