Last week, our man, Dayo Olutunfese sat down to interview Kolawole Osinowo, Care Solutions Manager, Nokia West Africa. The interview centred around Nokia’s latest communicator

Interview with Kolawole Osinowo, Care Solutions Manager, Nokia West Africa

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Last week, our man, Dayo Olutunfese sat down to interview Kolawole Osinowo, Care Solutions Manager, Nokia West Africa. The interview centred around Nokia’s latest communicator offering, the E7.

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Here is the transcript.

MN: How would you describe in brief, the Nokia E7?
KO: The best way to describe the Nokia E7 is simply to say that it’s an amazing device. An amazing device in the sense that it gives you the opportunity to, not just define Success, but also to show success in terms of different areas of your life. It’s the ultimate device with an option of a phone. It’s an entertainment box with an option of a phone, a computer with an option of a phone;it’s my email box with an option of a phone; it’s my personal organizer with an option of a phone. We here at Nokia say that, it is the ultimate success symbol.

MN: Who is the Nokia E7 targeted at? Who should use the Nokia E7?
KO: Anyone who wants to be successful. Anyone who has a desire to be successful in life should use the Nokia E7. I give you an example; I need to close a business deal. I am in a BRT bus or a Taxi and I receive an email asking me to provide a price-quote. A Request-For-Quote was sent as an attachment in the mail. I am able to read the mail and open the attachment right from my Nokia E7. I am also able to respond to the mail and even generate a price quote with an Excel sheet right from my Nokia E7. So I send a response and five minutes later, I receive another email telling me the business is mine. My Nokia E7 made it happen while in traffic in a public transport and I didn’t even have to wait to get to the office to get the job done.
Some else is at the Airport waiting for their flight, they can read various reports during the long wait. They can read Mobility Nigeria’s report for example on the screen of the Nokia E7.

Another person is into entertainment, they can watch their movies on an amazing four inch screen, with the right angles to enhance the experience.

The target market therefore, is for anybody who wants to be successful. Success at work, play, home, among peers and colleagues.

MN: Since you mentioned the screen in your last answer, can you tell us more about the E7’s screen?
KO: Internally, we say we have passion for innovation. We don’t just want to make anything; we want to make them innovative. That’s why we came out with this device. It has a four inch screen. The angles are also right to help when you are viewing your emails, pictures, videos and even when playing games. It is also a capacitive touch screen, which makes interacting with the device smooth like hot knife in butter. The capacitive touch screen also enhances usability to a great extent, and more importantly the screen does not consume a lot power, thanks to the ambient light sensor, that lets the screen automatically adjust to the light situation wherever you are. Don’t forget that there is also clear black display which makes the screen really readable under direct sunlight.

MN: Tell us about the camera on the Nokia E7
KO: There’s an eight megapixel camera here with LED Flash. It will be sufficient to take pictures for the business user. And I dare say that the E7 also takes very good pictures.

MN: What is battery life like on the E7? Can it go a full day on average usage?
KO: As far as battery life is concerned, we must realize that these devices are now more than just phones, they are now essentially mobile computers; with multitask ability, which will definitely impact on the overall battery life. That being said, I will say that the E7 has a fantastic battery life-traditional with Nokia. One thing I feel consumers should be comfortable about is that this is Nokia. We have mastered the art of long battery life.

MN: Why was the micro SD card slot omitted from the E7?
KO: First the Nokia E7 comes with 16GB built-in mass memory. It has also been extended with USB-on-the-go ability. Why should anybody worry about memory card slot when you have USB-on-the-go? With this ability, you are able plug in your flash drive for instance and access whatever files you have on that storage device. You will also be able plug in low power hard disks to the E7 and have access to your files there. Tell me, which other device from other manufacturers have this functionality built-in?

MN: Why should I buy the Nokia E7 knowing it is powered by Symbian and Symbian’s future is uncertain?
KO: It is not that we are dumping Symbian, it’s just that going forward; windows phone will become our primary smartphone platform. This year alone, we plan on selling 150 million Symbian devices and in total we have about 300 million installed base Symbian devices. These devices will still be supported by Nokia, and mind you, these devices are still going to be here 2 to 3 years from now. Also, don’t forget that a new firmware will be released that will make the E7 better, faster and give it new life. Plus there are over 65, 000 apps on the Ovi store that you can take advantage of.

MN: When will it be widely available in the market?
KO: As I speak, those who pre-ordered the E7 have started taking delivery of their phones with their names engraved on it as value added service. And between now and two weeks’ time you should be able to walk into any of our partner retail points and pick up the E7.

MN: Any last words?
KO: My last words will be that you go out there to any of our authorized retail points, ask them to demo for you the Nokia E7, then judge for yourself if this is truly the ultimate success symbol.


  1. Kolawole Osinowo get mouth die o! Seriously, great interview- great questions, incisive answers!

    When the price drops to my level, I will surely ‘bite’!

  2. Sorry for the digression. Question for Mr Osinowo: when will operator billing for Ovi store be implemented for us in Nigeria?

  3. operator billing for market apps is supposed to be an alternative purchase route for users especially in the developing countries where most of us have been locked out of paid apps. Nokia, known for its huge support in developing markets should be the first to implement this.

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