Introducing the Nokia 3310 3G

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The Nokia 3310 was a dual band GSM900/1800 2000 model mobile that ended up a runaway hit with 126 million units sold. Till today, many users remember it with nostalgia. My second mobile device was a 3310.

Nokia 3310

It had a monochrome (in this case, that’s black text and lines on a plain green background) display, and very nice, clickable buttons. With no browser, email or polyphonic ringtones, its NiMH 900 mAh battery saw it going on f0r days. By the way, NiMH stands for nickel–metal hydride, a type of battery that preceded today’s technologies. The 3310 had a number of variants though that looked exactly the same but featured extra capabilities. Those variants inluded the 3315, 3320, 3330, 3350, 3360, 3390, and 3395. Most people see the image above and just call it the 3310.

One of the 3310’s little-known enhanced brothers, the 33330, had a CSD-based WAP browser. CSD stands for Circuit Switched Data. In layman’s language, CSD is dial-up internet on a mobile network. Yes; back then, we were accessing mobile internet at N50 per minute.

Nokia 3310 Remixed
In the world of music and movies, a remix is something that generates excitement among enthusiasts. A remix is a song that has been edited to sound different from the original version. Now, imagine a remix of the 3310 – a 2012 version of the 3310. Let’s call it the 3310 3G. It would have 3G connectivity, email, and a modern HTML 5 at the least. If Nokia can put in 3.5G, that would be even better.

An ingenious person came up with the image below that was sent to me a few days ago. It is a rendering of a modern web browser on a Nokia 3310, and it inspired this post. I would love to credit the person who came up with this, but don’t have the source. If you are or know who it is, please contact me so that I can include a proper credit line.

Nokia 3310 3G

Certainly, Bluetooth, at least 3 MP camera, USB connectivity and a microSD card slot would be in order too. It would probably run Nokia’s new S40 UI and a 1GHz processor. For a basic smartphone, I can imagine that the Nokia 3310 3G would be another hit in the market place.

Nokia, are you guys game? No? Oh, well, at least a guy’s allowed to dream.


  1. To me, the 3310 remix was Nokia 6120. Though it was running Symbian, it had none of the drawbacks of Nokia’s earlier Symbian smartphones. Small, fast, not too many buttons – it was the only phone that could win the hearts of our IT staff, diehard S40 fans.

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