It is interesting to see how the new RIM CEO has been active in the media and pushing the gospel of BB10 in vibrant, engaging

iOS – a downsized PC platform or a media player platform with a bunch of apps?

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It is interesting to see how the new RIM CEO has been active in the media and pushing the gospel of BB10 in vibrant, engaging ways. He is reported to have recently taken a swipe at iOS, describing it as “a downsized PC operating system” compared to BlackBerry 10 which he described as a “true mobile computing platform”. Well, we shall have to wait for BlackBerry OS10 to give a verdict on what it is.

What however informed this article is a comment by someone in response to Phone Arena‘s report on the above statement. Here is the soul of the comment:

“iOS isn’t a downsized PC platform. It is a media player platform with a bunch of apps.”

I kind of agree with it, as I have always found iOS too basic, limited and toy-like to use as a daily driver, be it on the iPhone or iPad. For example, I owned an iPhone for years and it stayed on a shelf after I was done reviewing it. Two years on the shelf. Sue me.

Anyway, what do you think? Do you think that iOS is more of a downsized PC platform or a media player platform with a bunch of apps?


  1. The saying it aint about the size, it’s how you use it springs to mind.
    apps is what makes an ecosystem just imagine the PC without apps,

    most people seldom do much on a full fledged PC or Mac, most do web browsing, music playback, videos, or the odd word processing.

    i know some CEOs that have replaced their laptops with an ipad with the keyboard accessory. and it works fine for them

  2. People obviously like that basic, limited toy-likeness of iOS, otherwise it still wouldn’t be selling in droves.

    And I wouldn’t agree that it was that great a media player in the first place. Selling in volume doesn’t make brilliance in that department.

  3. I think iOS is a little above media player but definitely a compromised PC since it cannot handle most tasks that transitional PCs can, and forget that this cloud thing is helping to cover up some of its shortcomings. Maybe, that’s the way our PCs were supposed to work right from inception.

    And, I think iPhone is not bad as a media player, after all the iPhone has its root in Apple’s very popular iPod media player. In fact, the iPhone is basically an iPod with telephony functions.

  4. No, I won’t sue you, Mr. Mobility, but Opining or agreeing that iOS is nothing more than a media player because you didn’t find it compelling and allowed it gather dust for two years, is very confounding. Or probably, you are hiding a personal bias against the platform.

    I find iOS on the iPhone or iPad to be exceedingly great and a useful experience. And indeed much better than the Belle and Android devices I’ve used in similar time frame.

    What all these add to is that everyone has his/her own criteria in relishing a platform. But iOS is still one of the greatest. And it is also the very one which began the modern trend in mobile computing. It is equally confounding to simply denigrate it.

  5. In my opinion, iOS is “a media player platform with a bunch of apps.” Anyone who knows me moderately well knows how I feel towards Apple and iOS.

    Still, it doesn’t stop me from recommending iPads to people who are suited to it, and can afford it. Many people just want something that works for them. A PhD student here just bought the ipad4, and now he’s pestering me to configure it for him. *frowns* Why ME!?!?!

    Also, I’ve spent weeks observing the mobile devices that people use at my location in UK. iPhones and iPads are far and away the most popular devices among university people. It’s unbelievable until you see it for yourself. I mean, they are everywhere!!

  6. Technology is as good as how easy it is to use. That’s, I believe apple has been able to do on the iPhone. Anyone can pick up the iPhone and start using without asking much questions. We can however say that it’s a media player too… And a good one at that. It may not be able to give you all you want (esp for those of us here in Naija) like a symbian, android, blackberry or WP8, but it sure do serve a whole lot of people across the world.

  7. I have an iPad which incidentally I am using to write this comment. I also have an iPhone 4 on iOS 5, which like the author, is gathering dust on my shelf for lack of a buyer. I use the iPad extensively but I must confess, I see iOS as a grown up media player with bunch of apps.

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