iROKOtv to shut down Desktop and Streaming service in Africa

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In a change of strategy, Nollywood streaming service iRokoTV will shut down their desktop website and streaming services in Africa. The change will take effect starting July 2015, but their mobile apps service will still be running and movies will now be available for downloads and offline viewing.

This is a smart move considering that this part of the world isn’t ready for streaming services yet, with high cost of data and terrible speeds. Jason Njoku, CEO iROKOtv noted that the change was inspired by the fact that 76% of their total traffic from this part of the world was strictly from mobiles.

He also added:

Globally, where 85% of our revenues and subscribers lay, will remain untouched as streaming largely works just fine there. In Africa, we will essentially retire the .com. The several thousand existing African subscribers will have continued access to the website. New users will be unable to see the desktop reality. Discovery and download to watch offline will be our new experience. 3G infrastructure really struggles to capture the customer experience.

Few weeks ago, online shopping mall, Konga tried a mobile-only sales. This goes to tell you the relevance of mobile in this part of the world.


  1. They are now coming to terms with realities on ground-the mobile way. That’s the way tech is going now.

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