What is MTN Nigeria’s plan in acquiring TV rights?

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News reports from Vanguard indicates that MTN Nigeria has just acquired digital TV rights from NBC (Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation). The telecommunications giant acquired license to use a part of the 700 MHz spectrum. This will be used to provide digital pay TV broadcasting services.


MTN was said to have spent 34 billion naira to acquire this, and so far they kept the deal discreet until this recent revelation. Meanwhile as Nigeria missed the deadline for switching to digital broadcasting, this deal has provided almost half of the required 70 billion naira budgeted to complete the switch.

Director General of NBC, Emeka Mba:

“With the current arrangement through which we have secured more than half of our budgetary needs to transit, and as we explore other avenues, we are confident that the new date is achievable”.

We don’t know how MTN plans to set this in motion, but there’s a sense of satsfaction, DSTV will soon have strong competition.



  1. Chief, you just dey my mind.

    They are all Foreign. Mtn, DSTV, small time shoprite too will introduce something digital. :mrgreen:

    Not like it’s a bad thing though. 😐

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