Itel S32 is in my hands a second time and is still beautiful

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Launched in October 2017, Itel S32 has arrived MobilityArena for review and I have it in my hands for the second time. You see, I was at the launch event and got to spend some time playing with it then. This time, however, I got to open the box. And so, here are my itel S32 unboxing photos.

itel S32 unboxing photos dual selfie camera

As a quick reminder, what is special about the itel S32 is that it has a dual selfie camera and a very stately design, especially when you remember that itel’s target market is the low-end consumer. Clearly, budget does not have to be inelegant any more. Hopefully, we shall see more good looking itel smartphones like this one from now on.

itel S32 Unboxing Photos

itel S32 unboxing photos box

As you can see from the photo above, the sales packaging is a catchy red-and-black-white box. You have to break the polythene wrap on the box to be able to open it.

Once opened, you see the phone itself at the top of the neat stack. This unit is light blue in colour and is looking good as it did back when I first saw it months ago. Again, it has to be said that itel have stepped up their design game.

itel S32 unboxing photos phone rear

Other items you will find inside the pack are the removable battery, wired headphone, charging plug and USB cable, as well as a smartphone case.

itel S32 unboxing photos box open accessories

Opening the back of the device reveals one standard SIM slot, one micro-SIM slot and another slot for a micro-SD card. The specs sheet says you can use a 32GB card maximum.

The smartphone case provided for the itel S32 is really nice. It has the same design lines as the actual back cover of the phone. Long-time readers of my reviews will already know that I am not a fan of cases on my phones. However, this case looks and feels so good on the S32 that I have left it on. This is what the back looks like with the case on:

itel S32 unboxing photos smartphone case on back

Calm down and stop staring at me like that. These things happen. There’s always that one girl or boy that gets you to do things you ordinarily wouldn’t do.

itel S32 Quick Specs

itel S32 offers modest specifications. You will encounter the 5.5-inch display display before anything else. It has 2.5D curved glass, and there is a front dual camera at the top, as well as a rear fingerprint sensor located below the 8 megapixel rear camera.

itel S32 unboxing photos front label

On the inside, it runs Android 7 Nougat, has a quad core 1.3GHz Mediatek processor and 1GB of RAM (the LTE version of the phone has 2GB RAM). Internal storage is 16GB and the battery is rated at 3000mAh capacity.

I hope you have enjoyed our itel S32 unboxing photos. I will be putting the S32 to use on a daily basis in the next few days and then our review will be ready for your consumption.

If you have any questions that you would like answered, please ask away in the comments section. As always, I will make time to respond as fast as possible.

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    1. The phone is actually affordable. Would also like to get my mom a s32. Gods willing by the end of the month. I like the design most particularly. And of course it specs.

    2. I want to sell mine,i bought it a month ago,its still very new and it can go for 28,000,its negotiable,contact:0705 217 9507,if u are interested,thanks

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