Journey to the ends of the earth with the Jolla

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A week ago, I drove a four-hour return journey to go pick up the Jolla unit that Spacyzuma had nicely sent to me from across the ocean. I am supposed to take it back today, repeating the four-hour journey in the process. I have been ill with a bad case of fever, and also caught a cold on Monday. For days now, I have been shivering, sweating, and coughing. Waking up this morning, and looking forward to braving the road trip, but fate would give me more obstacles to cross: it is raining cats and dogs now – and the regions of the ends of the earth that I am to drive to get worse than ever when it rains.

I have a number of pictures and screenshots from my time with the Jolla, and I will put my impressions of the device into a blog post soon. The summary though is that Sailfish OS is an underwhelming experience for me. It isn’t horrible. It just leaves me unimpressed. The N9 and MeeGo had me in serial orgasms. Not this guy.

For now, my head is grinding away, wondering how I shall get the phone back to the drop-off point before it is too late. This rain just messed things up for me today, big time. At times like this, one wishes that one has an SUV. On second thoughts, I might as well keep the phone, and Spacyzuma can do his worst. Yes; I should do that. Nice addition to my collection….

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