Konka R2 Benchmark Tests Results

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We have had the 4G LTE Konka R2 here at Mobility Arena for some days. As always, we have been playing with it. Our first impressions are published HERE. So far, it hasn’t thrown up any surprises in terms of performance. Our experience is that it is an average performer. To confirm or debunk that, we put it through our regular tests. What do the Konka R2 benchmark tests throw up?

Konka R2 benchmark on desk-min

The Konka R2 Benchmark Tests

  • AnTuTu: 32,477
  • Geekbench 3: 420 Single-Core: 1,191 Multi-Core
  • Quadrant: 11,996

The Konka R2 benchmark tests results show that the device isn’t going to win any muscle slugfest. It almost reminds us of Infinix’s Note series – phablets that are not designed to be the most powerful devices. Rather they are designed to deliver long battery performances and pack medium sized muscles. The difference is that while the R2 has the performance of the Infinix Note series, it doesn’t have their battery capacity. It has 4G LTE though, supporting Ntel’s network.

Our full review of the Konka R2 is on the way, so stick around. Do not forget to share this article and others with your social networks.


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