After 18 months of operations, Kwese Satellite TV aka Kwese TV is being discontinued. The service’s parent company, ECONET Media, released a statement to say this


Kwese TV is dead, 18 months down the road

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After 18 months of operations, Kwese Satellite TV aka Kwese TV is being discontinued. The service’s parent company, ECONET Media, released a statement to say this was due to a review of its business strategy and service offerings. “Kwesé subscribers, who have already paid their subscriptions for the month of November, or in advance, will receive a full refund,” the official statement said.


Kwese clearly has not lived up to expectations. It has struggled in the market against competitors and it looks like the company has decided it wasn’t worth the trouble.

About Kwese TV

kwese satellite tv aka Kwese TV


Kwese TV was launched about a year and a half ago to offer satellite television services in Africa, in competition against DStv, which has had a strong hold across the continent.

It kicked off as an affordable alternative service to DSTV and kicked off in Ghana, Rwanda and Zambia in 2017. But subscribers soon began to complain that the service was lacking adequate content. Some channels that had been promised never materialised, and a number of others disappeared. According to reports, some existing channels vanished too.


Moving On

While Kwese Satellite TV is dead, the company still has other allied services, including video-on-demand products like Kwese Play, Kwese iflix, and Kwesé Sports, running.


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  2. I decided against all odds last December to give Kwese TV a chance with my hard earned Naira, but honestly, after the initial 2-months free subscription I just never bothered to renew it.

    Yes, I know it was a new satellite TV offering and I needed to give them time to grow their channel line up, I never saw that coming as the channels they had were so damn boring compared to that of the dominant player, DSTv. If your intention was to displace DSTv, you had better come with something way better.

    I have always wanted to try out new services from my days of toying with FSTV to ACTv and then Kwese. Of all, FSTV was the most unserious. I mean, how could they sell dishes and decoders in 2004 without the wall mount. You had to construct your own. And then, they’d show the same movies every day of the week. I only tried TSTV with my existing ACTV dish on my smart TV and so didn’t need to throw cash away. Where are they today?

    For Kwese, I’d say they tried, but their best just wasn’t good enough backed by the very necessary Dollars.

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