For so long we have waited. Finally Google is gradually rolling out Infinix Hot 2 Marshmallow update. That is Android 6. So far so good,

Infinix Hot 2 Marshmallow update is here!

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For so long we have waited. Finally Google is gradually rolling out Infinix Hot 2 Marshmallow update. That is Android 6. So far so good, the update is available OTA (over the air), so all you have to do is wait for your notification. On the other hand, you can take it up on yourself to flash it in. See procedure below:

How To Get Infinix Hot 2 Marshmallow Update

First download the Android Marshmallow file HERE (624.9mb)


  • Once you’ve downloaded the Android M zip file, Rename it to
  • Place it on the root of your SD Card. (Not inside any folder)
  • Power off your phone.
  • Hold Volume Up + Power Button.
  • Release Power button and tap volume up once the “Infinix” logo appears.
  • It will show you a dead Android robot with a red sign
  • Press Volume Up or Volume down to get into the stock recovery.
  • Scroll down with Volume button to “Apply Update from SD Card”
  • Scroll down to the and select with the Power Button.
  • Select “Install” and it’s done.

Reboot your smartphone, after rebooting, you should now have a new device running Android 6.0. If you’ve been having problems with your Hot 2, hopefully this update will make things both new and good.

Disclaimer: Mobility is not responsible for any damage that would occur on your device after following this procedure. Some users have reported loss of their files after flashing the ROM, so it’s best to backup your files before doing this.


  1. Hold Volume Up + Power Button (stock recovery) does not work on my phone even though i have not rooted. I’m running the current lollipop on Hot 2. 2gb

  2. Thanks for your response. I’ve tried volume up with power and down with power button too. Nothing works. It just reboots the phone normally. Running factory Android one rom.

  3. not sure Google’s the entity pushing this OTA, word was OEMs are now responsible for updates and patches. good news all the same

  4. Sir you’re not doing it right. The phone should be switched off, then switch it on holding down power button and Volume Up button/ or Volume Down as the case maybe.

  5. As an Android One device I believe Google should be the one responsible for the OS update,surely that’s the main idea behind the whole Android One Project..

  6. you must have missed the news. search Mobility for articles about Android One you’ll find the article that discusses the change in operation of the Android One program

  7. Yes, you are absolutely right. A previous update has disabled the button combination to recovery…for some devices including mine.

    However to correct this, download [URL=]here[/URL]

    Extract zip and flash using Infinix flash tool (on PC). It enables the button. It is only tested on Android One ROM.

    I do hope I have not violated any rule in MobilityArena as regards pasting of external links. If I did, I am truly sorry. The intent here is to help.

  8. No you will not. But it is better to back up important stuffs on your phone. Some people have complains, but for me it works fine.

    Oh pls, take note that after starting up your phone after the updating process is complete, a menu options concerning how you want your SD Card to be used will pop up. It is safe to just ignore this message.

  9. I have flash the enable recovery rom.but when I tried to boot into recovery.the dead android icon got stucked on the screen even after pressing volume buttons….help someone

  10. Don’t worry, you are on track.

    Wait for your phone to get into recovery mode (the “No command” with an Android lying down as the background) (This is where you are)

    Press Power button + Volume down button simultaneously, followed by Volume up (or power button + volume up then down, I’m not sure). This should show the recovery menu

  11. At this level, just hold the power button and then the volume (+) key. Note that you do this almost simultaneously but not at the same time. I hope you get it.

    If volume (+) key didn’t work for you, use volume (-) key instead.


  12. Please I’ve upgraded my Infinix Hot 2 to the Marshmallow using the Ota, but after the upgrade, I couldn’t locate my files which were on my internal memory. Please does anyone know how to access my files as the file space used is still occupied.

  13. Have been sent the OTA but am unable to download it, it reply me with u can only download with WiFi, don’t just understand.

  14. Can I put the upgrade on the root of the internal memory and run it from there? Please reply ASAP

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