Regulars here on Mobility Nigeria know that I am often a lone voice of reason in the mad smartphone market. Very often, you see an

Looking for the Perfect phone?

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mobilesRegulars here on Mobility Nigeria know that I am often a lone voice of reason in the mad smartphone market. Very often, you see an individual who has certain preferences and does not seem to be able to understand why his preferences are not the whole world’s.

Recently, I started a “Greener pasture” series to demonstrate how the grass is not necesarilly greener across the fence and to encourage people to take a critical look at their needs in making smartphone purchases.

By way of example, the iPhone4 is a great device. I doubt that there are any arguments about that. But as great as it is, it does not and cannot meet my needs. I would get frustrated using it.

Same goes for the average Blackberry device. They are excellent at what they do, but they would just cramp my style.

Does that make iPhones and Blackberry devices terrible? Nope; not in my opinion, at least. We can severally keep wishing that Apple would implement this and RIM implement that, Android implement those, and Symbian implement this for all eternity. At the end of the day, what you want to do is look for that device that best meets your need and spend your money on that one.

Below are excerpts from an excellent article that nails my thoughts on the head. Believe me, but the article is titled, The Nokia N8 Is Perfect, There, I Said It.

If you’re a BMW car fan and you go ahead and buy a Mercedes Benz car because of one cool feature, then expect it to act like a BMW and get mad because it doesn’t, you’re an idiot. Stick to BMW, or accept the different approach. The same can be said about phones. You don’t buy a Blackberry and expect it to be 100% like an E71, you don’t get a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and blame it for not having the iPhone’s multitouch. Every brand has their strengths, their weaknesses, their approaches, their concepts, their target audience.

That’s why, my friends, the Nokia N8 is perfect. I know well enough to accept that it’s not perfect for me because I like physical keyboards and I want medical applications. It’s not perfect for the iPhone/iOS hundreds of thousands of apps afficionados. It’s not perfect for many. But that doesn’t mean “it’s not perfect period”. It is. For its target audience, for those who adhere to the Nokia approach, to the touchscreen-only build form factor, to the slowly growing Ovi Store, those who need top-notch multimedia playback and recording features, those who take a picture of everything and anything in their life. The N8 IS perfect.


Overall, the same feeling kept coming back: Nokia still has the lead in multimedia, especially in imaging. Every other smartphone manufacturer is months if not a year or more away from offering anything similar. And still when they do, it won’t be packed in one single device like on the N8. So if that’s what you’re looking for, then don’t look at anything other than the N8. And I agree.

If you’re considering buying the N8 but hate the non-removable battery or the lack of a QWERTY; if you’re considering the N8 but want the bling effect of HTC Sense or Android OS; if you’re considering the N8 but are too stuck in the Apple iOS way, with minimal UI and tons of apps; if you’re considering the N8 but would also love top notch encryption and security for your mail and communications like on a Blackberry; if you’re considering the N8 but wondering what Meego or the N9 will offer … PLEASE do yourself and everyone else a favor and don’t get an N8.

Read Rita’s full take: The Nokia N8 Is Perfect, There, I Said It

Perhaps the N8 is not the perfect phone for you? Or perhaps the iPhone4 is not? Or the Blackberry Torch? The X10 Mini Pro that I have been using for a few months does a good job for me, but it is not quite there. The N900 was closer to my ideal phone but was let down by battery life.

One thing is certain, regardless of how much we dismiss this phone or that because it doesn’t meet our needs, there will always be several others who are just fine with it simply because it meets their needs. Crazy world, yes, but deal with it we must.

The idea is that you pick a phone that handles well the things that you need the most and sort of live with the rest while hoping that you find favour with the manufacturer and they grant the rest of the items on your wishlist. Whatever you do, do use your head in making a choice.

I am looking forward to reviewing the Nokia N8 soon. As usual, I will be objective as I have been known to be, telling you its strengths and weaknesses, and then you – only you – can decide whether it is the phone for you or not.


  1. Can’t argue with that. It’s just that its really hard to find a phone that’ll do most of what you want it to with few downsides. Maybe people will quit complaining when mobile technology advances to the point where you can “clone a phone” like you would a pc.

  2. Well said Yomi,
    and if there is anyone that is not satisfied with one smartphone, no problem, just buy two phones. Lol
    And good night.

  3. Brilliant excerpts Yom! And downright conclusions…looking forward to the Nokia N8 hands-on review.

  4. Hmmm… Interesting article. Very thought provokng.

    In as much as there is no phone that can do what you said in the exact sense, i think nokia n900 comes quite close. It is one phone you can install another OS on.

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